⋆ Pet Work This Summer ⋆ American Business

⋆ Pet Work This Summer ⋆ American Business

If you love animals, then it’s only natural that you will look for a way to work with animals in the summer. Whether you are a student or teacher looking for a way to make some extra money this summer, you can apply for an animal-related job. Working with animals is fun, but it also takes effort. If you’re not afraid of a little hard work, these summer animal jobs are for you.

  1. Veterinary clinic assistant

Small Animal Clinics love to hire extra help during the summer, so take advantage of this. Most likely, you will get the position of kennel assistant or veterinary assistant. As a nursery, your main job will be cage cleaning, dog walking, and bathing assistance. Veterinary assistants, on the other hand, will keep animals during procedures, assist technicians with examinations, and interact with the pet owner. If you have experience, you can find a position with a large animal and horse veterinarian.

  1. Walkers and nanny for animals

Many families will spend time on summer vacations, and while they love their furry friends, they don’t always want to accompany them. Don’t forget to check online opportunities to find dog walking jobs and you might just find a high paying client. You can also start your own pet sitting session or team up with an experienced nanny if you know one. Advertise your summer availability to your friends and neighbors. You can even turn it into a year-round performance if you can care for and walk some of the animals.

  1. Working at the zoo

If you are a college student, this would be the perfect opportunity for you. During the summer, many zoos have students to give them a feel for what it is like to work at a zoo. Most of these opportunities will be marked as internships, which is great for your resume. You may not be able to handle exotic animals, but you will be keeping an eye on the zoo during general habitat maintenance. You can also follow the zoo caregivers during the tours. Do you love children and camp? Look for zoos that offer children’s camps and serve as camp advisors.

  1. Rescue worker

If you have no experience, you may want to consider engaging a volunteer. With the experience you build here, you will have the confidence and support you need to apply for a paid position next year. Your responsibilities will range from walking the dogs, bathing the animals, caring for the pets, cleaning the cages, and helping with the adoption paperwork.

  1. Pet shop help

Pet shops are always on the lookout for sales floor help. As a pet store employee, you will clean cages, make product recommendations for customer visits, restock items, and even operate a cash register.

Large organizations will need you to come on weekends, evenings and holiday hours, so be prepared to put in the extra effort. There is no shortage of animal related jobs available. Start your application early for a better chance of qualifying.

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