10 Brands That Dominated The World And Today No Longer

According to Charles Darwin, “the species that survive are not the largest or strongest, not even the most intelligent or those that change or improve fast; no, the species that survive are the ones that adapt best“.

This thinking is probably perfectly applicable to the business climate of which, regardless of whether you have a small or large company, you must be vigilant to survive and stay. These are 10 brands or products that dominated the world and today no longer exist (at least in the mind of the consumer).

1. Remington, typewriters

The famous mechanical typewriters ruled the world for a century. Its first version was released in 1868 and many of us (including myself) learned to write in one of these. However Remington never evolved.

2. BlockBuster, video rental

The world’s largest movie and video game rental chain had more than 9,000 stores and more than 60,000 employees in 2004 (wikipedia). Due to poor strategic planning, it filed for bankruptcy in 2010.

3. Viceroy, cigars

Leading brand since 1936, they were the first to introduce the cork filter. Although the brand has been downplayed, they are still consumed in Romania and the Middle East.

4. Panamerican Airlines, Airline

It was the most important international airline in the United States since 1930. Due to serious difficulties in managing its costs and especially due to lawsuits stemming from security failures, the line went bankrupt in 1991.

5. Sony Ericsson, cell phones

Considered the great alliance of the mobile market sony-ericcson was one of the 5 most important phone brands made in 2001 that sold more than 24 million devices in the second quarter alone and by 2007 had sold +100 million units.

6. MSN Messenger, instant messaging

Created by Microsoft in 1999, the most popular instant messaging client for over a decade evolved into Windows Live Messenger and was discontinued by the company in 2011 when it was completely replaced by the purchase of Skype.

7. Concorde, Airplane

Considered an engineering marvel, the Concorde was the first supersonic passenger aircraft. It had the ability to reach its destination in half the time of any conventional aircraft. Built in 1969, it flew for 27 years, but its low profitability and a single accident, precipitated its exit from the market in 2003.

8. Napster, Internet

Napster was born in the classrooms of Boston and although its history was very short it is very significant for the age of the Internet. They created the concept of sharing files in MP3 format under a system known as peer-to-peer. This system soon became the most popular way to share music in the world which provoked the reaction of record companies who sued for copyright. In 2002 it declared bankruptcy but its innovative P2P system transformed the Internet and is still used today.

9. General Motors, automobiles

The case of General Motors is surely the largest bankruptcy in history. After being one of the most important brands for more than 100 years, and one of the largest companies in the world, its serious mistake was the lack of attention to its own customers and the lack of investment in more innovative products. His shortcomings prevented him from surviving the crisis and finally in 2009 he declared bankruptcy.

10. Kodak, photography

To think of photography was to think of Kodak. There was no other mark on our minds. Founded in 1889, the leading company in the design, production and marketing of photographic equipment formally declared bankruptcy in 2010 when its stock literally crashed.

So this is the compendium of at least 10 brands that dominated the world and that they have not managed to survive. If you liked this entry please share and of course, we will soon have the 2nd.

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