10 Good Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Social Networks

10 Good Reasons Why Your Business Should Be on Social Networks

Much is said today about social media and its potential to boost business.

However, the information is abundant and sometimes it becomes difficult to know where to start or which are the best channels to use.

This causes many entrepreneurs to feel overwhelmed by the number of options and end up fighting against the force of technological advances that they consider unnecessary for their companies at times.

For that reason, today I will share with you some fundamental points to make adequate decisions around the implementation of a good strategy in social networks and I will show you at least 10 powerful reasons for your business to obtain the best results when you get on the network.

1. Social media is more than socializing

Many people still believe that social media is simply the stuff of young people or tech-savvy geeks who keep chatting or “playing games” all day.

In reality it is not so. Although it is young people who take full advantage of all the benefits of modern technology, in reality social networks bring together a large number of people of all ages, professions, tastes and trades and who are potential clients for your business.

I don’t know if you knew it, but practically anyone who has an account on Facebook or Instagram nowadays can be easily reached within a specific segmentation of age, location and interests. And that makes social media a powerful business tool.

2. Your customers are already on social networks

The rise of social networks is so powerful that it has not stopped growing since the last 5 years. Every day more people use them and the amount of time we spend in them also increases.

You may not know it, but one of the reasons why they are so powerful is because through a social network you can very effectively reach the exact profile of the client you are looking for.

That’s right, unlike traditional mass media, with social networks you can choose the perfect profile of your client and reach them very effectively, thus achieving more and better sales.

3. You can retain your customers

Contrary to what many may think, having a social media strategy can greatly help you build customer loyalty with your brand.

In fact, customers have found on the networks a friendly way to make their tastes and preferences known and this is a point in your favor. A loyal customer will look for you on social networks and will become a follower or “fan” that will help make your content go viral and therefore make your digital presence grow.

4. Advertising on social media is very inexpensive

The costs of advertising in social networks can be very low compared to the costs of advertising in traditional media such as press, radio and TV.

With a minimal investment you can start to see results and as you train yourself and do good content marketing, your sales can increase.

I must emphasize here the importance of doing it well and of training, otherwise, any amount becomes a high cost instead of investment.

5. Networks represent a means to listen to your customer

The great fear of many entrepreneurs is that their customers tell the truth about their services or products. And they prefer to turn a deaf ear although they ignore that one way or another the clients will say so.

Networks can help you be the first to know, respond proactively and make the respective improvements in your business, thus keeping your customer dissatisfied instead of losing them.

6. Implementation is fast

Putting together a social media strategy can be relatively quick. You can do it in a matter of weeks and it basically requires will, disposition and of course immediately implement a training program so that your collaborators can learn everything they need to make the most of the benefits of this technology.

The first thing you should do is seek advice to fully immerse yourself in the subject and for an expert to guide you on the right path.

7. Social networks are the trend and they are here to stay

An entrepreneur is a visionary person. This means that you have the ability to see beyond what everyone sees today.

In that sense, you should know that social networks are not just a fad, they are a proven system that works and that will continue to grow. The decision is not whether or not you do social media, the decision is whether or not you stay in the minds of your customers.

As I have always said, your competition today is no longer the place next door or the office across the street. Your competition may be in China or India or anywhere and the only way to survive is by updating and adapting quickly.

8. Your competitors are already doing it

As you read this article trying to convince yourself to start something on social media or to improve what you have already tried, it is very likely that your competitors are already getting results and better sales.

Or in the least of the cases, surely they are already preparing their personnel to be able to operate their strategy in social media. For example, do your sales consultants cleverly use whatsapp and email to promptly meet the requirements of new customers?

Does your company have a presence on the main social networks? And are they proactively responding to their followers?

9. Social networks represent a positive change

Many entrepreneurs resist technology because they think they will have to make changes in the way they do things. And indeed, it is!

You must open your eyes once and for all and realize that the business world is a dynamic, changing and progressive world. Remember that the secret is not to be the greatest or the oldest in the trade, the secret to success is having the ability to quickly change and adapt.

That is what we are talking about. So the best thing you can do today for the good of your company is to stop resisting and start a process of digital transformation that allows you to stay in the market.

Regarding this topic, I share a phrase from Erick Qualman:

“The greatest return on investment in social networks is that your company continues to exist within 5 years.” [twitéalo]

10. The Internet will allow you to do global business

Another of the enormous advantages of digital technology is that you can expand your field of operation.

If you digitally transform, you will go from doing local businesses to working with clients from other countries that you probably didn’t have before.

You will make yourself visible and increase your market. You will be surprised when you start receiving messages on facebook or twitter from people in other regions interested in your products or services.

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