10 Ideas To Get Repeat Sales

Many salespeople don’t work on the potential of their current customers. And those that do produce only a fraction of the potential of those customers. Satisfied customers are often favorably disposed to do business with you.

They want to keep shopping. But it is your obligation as a salesperson to put forth the effort and be skilled enough to get the customer to return. And at this point, affinity is key.

Guest author: Lic. Alejandro Wald

You have to see each client as a person or company to whom you are going to serve, to whom you are going to provide benefits, to whom you are going to help improve and for whom you are going to create value, forever.

For get repeat sales this is a simple question. When was the last time you personally contacted your clients? When was the last time you made them feel like you cared about more than their checkbooks?

If you don’t have time to do it, you should have someone very professional and prepared to do it for you. Just to let them know that you appreciate them, or to share an idea that you have found valuable to them.

The more you communicate with your clients in a personal way, the greater your connection with them.

Here are ten ideas for following up on your customers. They are ideas that serve to develop confidence. They are ideas that build customer loyalty and keep them buying.

10 Ideas To Get Repeat Sales

1 Remember that most sales are made after several contacts. Therefore, follow up on queries and leads for a while before abandoning them.

2 Combine phone follow-up with e-mails and business letters.

3 Send a special “thank you” letter to new customers as soon as you receive their first order. Thank your customers for each additional order.

4 Send letters or e-mails every so often, without involving an immediate sale, to thank you for previous purchases. Invite them to buy and attach promotional material accompanying the invitation to buy.

5 Send your customers special “customer only” offers.

6 To avoid potential “regrets” from customers who have made major purchases, send a follow-up message reassuring that they have made a good purchase.

7 Follow up after the sale. Ask the customer how they feel about the product they bought from you. Ask if you need more information and, if appropriate, suggest modes of use that the customer may not have considered.

8 Increase the goodwill of your customers by sending them advance information on your sales and special offers.

9 Year-end parties, or any other celebration date, are a good opportunity to invite inactive customers to buy back from you.

10 If you made a mistake in any written communication, quickly correct it by sending a correction letter (and if appropriate, adding any additional offer).

If you follow these simple tips I assure you that you can get sales repeatedly and more effectively.

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This article is courtesy of Lic. Alejandro Wald

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    3 Tips For Getting Repeat Customers | Business Strategies For 2020 | Business Tips And Tricks
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