10 Ideas To Make Money Writing

If your passion is writing and you are looking for opportunities to take advantage of that precious gift, today I tell you how you can do it.

And there are many ways to monetize your writing talent through making your ideas, thoughts and knowledge known.

Definitely, the path to becoming a professional writer as well as appearing in major publishers or publishing your own books can take time.

However, everyone can start small. In this blog we believe in dreams, we believe in effort and we believe in the ability of every man and woman to turn their talent and ideas into money.

So don’t give up on your dream for nothing, on the contrary, work hard and go step by step, and these are some good ideas for you to earn good dollars (or euros) a day writing.

Ideas To Make Money Writing

1. Write a blog

Blogs are probably the most powerful tool for positioning content on the Internet. If you know how to write and you do it through a blog then you will attract traffic and this can be converted into income either through advertising or by selling digital products.

Starting a blog is very easy and I am sure that on YouTube you will find hundreds of tutorials to do it. The most important thing is to focus on a topic that is attractive to people and get to work.

2. Write children’s books

Educational and entertainment materials for children are scarce and educational institutions highly value children’s books written with interesting and entertaining stories. So you can put your creativity to work and bring those wonderful stories to life for the little ones.

3. Create a local newspaper

A local newspaper is a high-interest content product for your neighborhood that you can print with little investment. In this you write and publish interesting notes about events in your neighborhood or your area, news and general information.

The strategy to earn money is to create an attractive and interesting newspaper to distribute “for free” in the area and finance it by selling advertising space that will be attractive to businesses in the sector. You can also take this project to the Internet under the same monetization model.

4. Offers editing services

If good writing, grammar, and spelling are your strength. Then you can make money by offering editing and proofreading services for other writers.

Your services consist of the final revision and finishing of documents for which many writers lack time or knowledge and prefer to hire the services of someone else who gives them the confidence and security of a good quality final document.

5. Publish your articles on blog networks

It may be that you are not interested in having a blog and having to deal with all the aspects concerning its administration such as: advertising, buying domains, hosting, registration in directories, etc.

If what you really like is writing and you want to earn money as soon as possible, then you should know that there are many blog network services that you can subscribe to and that pay you for published articles.

This income is usually from the sale of packages of articles and you can increase it by doing what you are truly passionate about doing: writing!

I recommend, for example, to take a look at Articulo.org, a very good site for this type of initiative.

6. Offers the design of advertising brochures

Companies are constantly printing advertising material and brochures to offer their products or services. However, properly expressing their ideas and transmitting powerful messages that impact the consumer and help them sell more is a requirement that they cannot always satisfy. Here you can take advantage of your gift and make yourself known with your ingenious designs and texts.

7. Drafting of manuals

Another common need for companies is the writing of manuals of different kinds. From technical instructions to legal documents, the writing of these manuals requires qualified personnel who can work with patience, professionalism and excellent writing techniques. Over time, you could form a company specifically dedicated to these kinds of services.

8. Resume preparation and review service

Believe it or not, many job seekers are unaware of how to prepare a clear and professional resume that impacts their employers.

So a good business idea is to offer an economic assistance service for editing and reviewing these personal documents, helping them to better convey their job proposal while you earn money from the comfort of your home.

9. Translation service

If, in addition to having talent for writing, you master other languages ​​then you can train yourself to perfectly offer the service of professional translations. This is an ideal service for many multinational companies that want to convert all their information into different languages ​​to reach other markets.

Also, if as a writer you master technical terminology in another language, it becomes a very well paid service.

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10. Write your own little books

I’m sure that what you will enjoy the most is writing about your passion and creating your own books.

They can be poems, stories and stories, motivational themes or even cooking recipes. The important thing is that you do it with passion and that you write with great taste. Offer them in different publishers and surely sooner or later someone will be interested.

Publish your writing on the Internet on different websites, even if you have to do it for free for some time, as you make yourself known, your commercial value will increase and your name will be more known every day.

    Finally I would love to share the story of Joanne Rowling. Do you know who it is? You may not have heard much about her, but I’m sure you have heard about her books and her incredible Harry Potter stories.

    But … did you know that she wrote her first book when she was unemployed in one of the worst financial situations of her life?

    Well, it will interest you to know that Johan K. Rowling is today one of the richest women in the world. Surely the result of great talent and great perseverance. You can see his story at this link and find out how he turned his creativity into millions of dollars.

    Knowing how to write is something that not everyone knows how to do properly. Doing it well and also having creativity can be the perfect formula to turn it into an excellent source of income.

    As in any venture, you need determination, prepare a work plan, invest some budget in learning and training and be very disciplined to start writing.

    The more consistent and professional you are, the more money you will see coming into your pocket. Start now!

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