10 Low-Cost Strategies To Promote Your Business

10 Low-Cost Strategies To Promote Your Business

Many companies weaken and die because they do not attract customers.

This is not a secret. And although everyone knows it, the truth is that many entrepreneurs do not have a promotion strategy for their products and services.

This occurs because we usually believe that large amounts of money need to be spent on advertising and resources to publicize our business. Nothing further from reality!

The good news is that there are ingenious, inexpensive and even free tactics to promote your business at a very low cost and effectively. Here I share some of the most effective that you can start implementing today.

10 Strategies To Promote Your Business

1. Flyer printing

Flyers (or flyers) are usually one of the economic and massive means that can be used to publicize your business locally.

This strategy is specifically designed to attract customers close to your business premises. You can design a half-page flyer in 30 minutes and print them inexpensively at any print shop near you.

You must distribute them in different places near your area and even a good idea is to offer a discount or special offer to those who present the flyer in such a way that you can measure the response of this medium. Handing out flyers at least once a week would be highly recommended.

2. Advertisement on the rear glass of your car

These are vinyl ads that stick to glass and can be printed at any graphic design store for about $ 25.

In many places they give you the design and print it in 1 hour. Make sure it is striking, interesting and that the texts are in large enough letters so that anyone can easily write down your phone and social networks.

An important recommendation is that you do not saturate your text ad. Remember that they will mostly see that they are in another vehicle behind yours and what you want is to attract attention and generate a quick contact.

3. Exchange of promotions with nearby businesses

This strategy consists of proposing to nearby businesses that you can accept advertising from them in your business in exchange for them accepting advertising from you in theirs.

You can print posters to put in laundries, stores, convenience stores, internet cafes, beauty salons, etc. You will soon have created a network of “promotion partners“which will benefit you greatly.

    4. Promote yourself on Facebook

    One of the most powerful strategies that small and medium-sized businesses must learn to use is to promote themselves on Facebook. For something this social network is the No.1 in the world since through it you can reach exactly the profile of the client you are looking for.

    Investing about $ 10 or $ 20 a week can be an excellent investment if done properly. If you don’t know how to create paid campaigns on Facebook, I recommend you take some tutorials on YouTube or invest in a digital course. Personally I have taken several and therefore I recommend one that I think is very good (without obligation):

    Facebook and WhatsApp Marketing Workshop

    5. Personal business cards

    If you really want a good customer to remember your business, you should always have a business card on hand.

    Although it sounds obvious, every entrepreneur should always have them at hand. Simple designs are usually very cheap at any printing press, however if you want to save even more, you can print them yourself by purchasing special paper at any nearby bookstore. Make sure your sellers always have business cards.

    6. Business directories on the Internet

    A good alternative is to search for online directories related to your city. Usually these media can generate good customers who are looking for options on the web so you should always have ads for your business there.

    In many countries there are also yellow pages online where you could register for free.

    7. Create a catalog of products and services

    This is a tool that will allow you to take your business anywhere. Create an elegantly decorated folder with photos, descriptions and testimonials from satisfied clients, which you can show to your potential clients when you visit them to promote your business.

    If your business is shoes, clothing, pastries, jewelry, etc. This is an idea that will work perfectly for you.

    8. Implement a referral program

    A referral program is a system that allows you to reward your loyal customers for recommending you. Offer a special discount, a gift or even products when a customer refers you to another customer who buys from your business.

    This helps build customer loyalty and get free publicity from the mouths of many.

    See also: How to make a referral program.

    9. Attend social events related to the line of your business

    Public relations has always been a huge resource for attracting new clients and business.

    Always make sure to participate in fairs, seminars, conferences and any event where you can meet and make yourself known. Bring enough business cards and flyers with information about your business.

    Establish relationships and contacts with important people who can represent potential business.

    10. Organize a contest

    An effective way to attract customers and the gaze of many around you is by organizing a contest in which they can register and come to your place to participate.

    You can offer a simple prize or products. The investment can be economically moderate but the benefits of attracting potential clients from your area can be unlimited.

    Just remember that the goal is to attract attention, not so much to specialize in contests. : D

      The Return on Investment in Promotion and Advertising

      In reality, all strategies work differently and can help you to a greater or lesser extent to attract the eyes of new prospects for your business.

      Always remember that the most difficult thing for any business is to promote yourself and get customers to your premises. In fact, we must always keep in mind the return on investment that each client represents.

      Imagine, for example, that each month you invest a certain amount between flyers, media ads and social networks. Then you must keep track of the customers you attract and the business they generate to finally discover what your true return on investment is.

      Hence, not all means are equally costly and effective. A more expensive medium that generates better business ends up being cheaper and vice versa.

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