10 Low Investment and High Profitability Franchises

10 Low Investment and High Profitability Franchises

If there is an attractive and proven successful business model, it is franchises.

By investing in a franchise, you have the possibility of building a business backed by a well-known brand and with a wide range of experience, which eliminates the trial-and-error phase of any business that is usually very hard for entrepreneurs.

To illustrate with some well-known franchises, let’s imagine some of the most famous pizza or burger chains in the world. Regularly when customers recognize a particular brand, they immediately adhere to it as it is synonymous with trust.

So it would not be the same to start a business called Deli Hamburquesas than to put a McDonalds. Do you see the difference with the naked eye? Even if your hamburgers were the best in the world, the brand and the system have a great prominence.

The enormous rise of this business model means that every day there are more offers from franchisors to choose from. As in everything, you will find very good but high-priced franchises, others that are cheaper but also profitable, and there are options with which you must be very careful when investing.

From fast food concepts, laundries to real estate promotion, the franchise model is an excellent option for every entrepreneur who can see its enormous advantages.

How Does the Franchise Model Work?

For those who are less familiar with the franchise business, I will define them very simply:

A franchise is a proven business system that allows two entrepreneurs to partner in a strategic way to ensure the success of both.

On the one hand, there is the franchisor or franchisor who has built and developed a business whose brand has achieved recognition in the market, which has a high value.

The franchisor usually sells the complete package that includes its brand, the knowledge of the business and almost always requires as part of the business that the basic inputs to operate are acquired through it.

On the other hand we have the franchisee or franchisee, also an entrepreneur who seeks to build a company and chooses to acquire the operating license as this represents, among other things, immediate support in the assembly and execution of the business which translates into less risk and experience and knowledge of the system by the franchisor.

All of this represents a customer database and high chances of success in exchange for royalties.

The franchise model is very attractive to entrepreneurs because unlike starting their business from scratch and building it with effort over many years, they can buy a recognized franchise to start their business and be on the road to success.

10 Good and Affordable Franchises

Here is a list of at least 10 current franchises whose investment does not exceed $ 15,000 in initial payment, which makes them very accessible to start quickly.

  1. ShoppingBox: Online shopping in physical booths [$6500 dólares]
  2. The Colored Clap: Aesthetic center specialized in manicure and pedicure [$13,000 dólares]
  3. Mundoguía: Advertising agency [$6800 dólares]
  4. Zafiro Tours: leading company in tourism [$10,000 dólares]
  5. .: Online Shopping Store [$4300 dólares]
  6. Speaking Roses: Printing roses, an innovative business [$9975 dólares]
  7. Real Estate Association: Your own real estate agency [$1600 dólares]
  8. Genetic Test: Biometric Health Tests [$3325 dólares]
  9. Diet Plus: Weight Loss System [$13,300 dólares]
  10. Ceicar: home cleaning services [$10,640 dólares]

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I will say in all honesty that although franchises are still an excellent option to undertake, the license to buy must be carefully chosen since this entails the signing of a contract with terms, costs, obligations, rights and royalties that the brand establishes.

The entrepreneur must study all these terms in depth to conscientiously choose the most profitable franchise in terms of investment, time, work and royalties in such a way that he obtains the satisfaction he expects for his investment.

And as in any business, a good execution makes the difference and that is only in your hands.

In a next post I will share more good and cheap franchises.

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