10 Novel Business Ideas: Solutions for People with Disabilities

10 Novel Business Ideas: Solutions for People with Disabilities

There is business niche very important and that you can exploit with great nobility and is the development of solutions for people with different abilities.

This segment requires constantly innovative and highly creative products that help them make their life more comfortable and practical. Today I share you 10 novel business ideas to support people with disabilities that you can turn into your next business.

  1. Special means of public transport. This consists of private buses with pilots and assistants who provide assistance to people in need to transport from one place to another. The service must include routes, schedules and special rates. An alternative would be to negotiate with local governments to subsidize this service as an extension to their citizens.
  2. Integrate computers with special functions for the deaf and blind. The idea consists of integrating tools such as voice recognition, audio-translators, Braille keyboards, fingerprint readers and all the necessary accessories to PCs so that its use can be adaptable to blind and deaf people. The marketing strategy it would consist of marketing them precisely under this concept.
  3. Procedures and payments services. A system can be implemented with a service catalog at home that can be offered to people who, due to their physical limitations, cannot be easily mobilized to carry out their personal procedures or errands as well as payments for services and who do not wish to inconvenience their close relatives. For a modest service fee, request calls can be answered for any requirement of this kind.
  4. Interactive games for children with special abilities. The best way to learn is by playing and the best way to educate is with fun. The idea would be to invent board games or interactive computer games specially designed to help with mobility therapy or the development of motor skills of children. It just takes creativity and a good marketing strategy although I am sure that many parents would be happy to acquire any good tool that cheers and helps their children.
  5. Employment agency for people with disabilities. This agency would merge the social mission of supporting people with disabilities with that of helping them to be productive people. For them, the job search is usually very complicated and the fact that many companies close their doors due to their different abilities is a common problem. The agency would establish contacts with companies that prior “social conscience” are willing to create jobs and that in return obtain social recognition. Of course, the employee must be evaluated and prequalified for positions where he can perform with effectiveness and dignity.
  6. Special health services for the disabled. One of the common difficulties of people who move in a wheelchair is the use of adequate toilets in restaurants and public places. Accessories could be built that could be sold to each restaurant so that they could help facilitate the use of the services for people with different capacities.
  7. Tours and special excursions. People with disabilities often spend a lot of time at home due to their limitations, but this does not mean that they do not enjoy the outdoors. A good business would be the organization of excursions specially prepared for this time of clients who consider: trips to suitable places, wheelchairs for all attendees (or those who need it), personalized assistance, medical support services, travel in a suitable vehicle and above all Too much fun.
  8. Automation of home services. At home, it is often very difficult for people with disabilities to operate some services such as lights, coffeemakers, doors, telephones, etc. You can create central command systems that help reduce the need to travel to activate or deactivate a light switch or use the telephone (for example). Of course, this is a service that represents the installation of electronic devices and sensors, but it can be very well paid for the value of the solution it represents for customers. customers in this segment.
  9. Devices with sensors for the blind. The technologies available today allow the creation of devices that help people with visual limitations to make their locomotion through streets and buildings easier. It is enough to implement products with electronic sensors that emit sounds when the person is near obstacles or dangers. These sensors could be incorporated, say, to common canes, glasses, caps, bracelets and even jackets and would be responsible for providing auditory alarms of different kinds that the person can associate at a certain distance.
  10. Nursery for children with special abilities. This would be a service focused on parents who for different reasons, whether due to work or social commitments, need to leave their little ones in the care of someone who cares for them but who also has the professional training to be able to assist them and provide them with all the necessary attention.

Actually, in this business segment there is much to talk about because the possibilities are very wide and a lot of creativity is required above all to be able to offer solutions that can be converted as well as an excellent form of social help, a good way to earn money.

Do you have other ideas on the subject? Thanks for sharing them in a comment!

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