10 Simple Business Ideas Anyone Can Start

10 Simple Business Ideas Anyone Can Start

Do you dream of starting a small business but you can’t find the perfect idea? Today I share at least 10 simple business ideas for people who want to start something quickly and practically.

Whether you are thinking of something very big or start a home business, I am sure that this post will help you find that idea that is the starting point to start.

Simple business ideas to start

1. Silkscreen

Screen printing on T-shirts is an interesting business in high demand. If you have a talent for creative skills, you can start this business from home with some paint to make manual designs and gradually grow until having a specialized machine for printing and screen printing.

2. Catering service
If cooking is your thing, you can implement a home banquet or catering service. Print out some menu catalogs, prepare your plan and start promoting your business with friends. You will see that soon the referrals will reach many people and the requests will begin to arrive.

3. Organizer at home or office
Busy people are not always the most organized and therefore often hire help. As an organizer, you may have to tidy up closets, work areas, kitchens, storage rooms, and more.

4. Personal trainer
Many people dislike going to the gym and opt for a personalized service that a coach can provide. This is how many famous people began their professional careers. If you have the knowledge and better if you have a license to start offering this service. A web page or a fanpage on Facebook will help you make yourself known.

5. Online teacher
Sites like Udemy or . allow you to sell your courses online and earn extra money from it. Whatever your area of ​​expertise, a good business idea is to record your courses on video and start promoting them on one of these platforms.

6. Sell photos online
Do you like photography and are you talented? Sell ​​them on your own website, to print or download. Or, upload them to sites like Shutterstock to earn commissions every time someone buys your photos. You would be surprised to know what many people earn from this type of online business. The more photos you upload, the higher your chances of income.

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7. Pet sitter
When their pet owners go on a trip, they need someone to help them with the care of their spoiled little ones and their feeding. You can offer your services as a pet sitter which can be a simple and profitable business.

8. Editor of e-books
Many business owners use this online marketing tool, which consists of giving away free e-books on their websites as an incentive for their potential customers to send their email. However, they do not always have the talent to write and therefore require an experienced writer to help them with this task.

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9. Travel companion
An interesting business niche is in the elderly who have lost their spouses. It is very common that they need a travel companion who can help them with common travel arrangements and with whom they can also share their experiences.

10. Event organizer
Are you usually a good organizer and do you have the ability to visualize what a successful event needs? Then surely you have what it takes to become a professional event planner. You can offer your services for social or charity events.

As you can see, most of these business ideas are so simple that most have to do with providing basic services that do not always require extensive training. However, although they are practical ideas, it does not mean that they do not require preparation and a plan.

Like any business, you must study, learn more, have a promotion and marketing strategy and be willing to sell and negotiate your fees.

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