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10 Truths About Employment Many Prefer To Ignore

For more than 20 years I dedicated my life to being the best employee. I always tried to be on time, attend to my tasks responsibly, be loyal to the companies I worked for and even give much more than they asked of me.

I tried to learn everything I can always with the aim of improving myself and being better every day. You could almost say that I was the perfect employee. I hardly complained, I was proactive, dedicated and dedicated to my work. I had to put up with all kinds of “bosses” and although I didn’t like all things, I learned to enjoy what I did at each stage and perhaps I had the advantage of looking for (and finding) jobs that I liked.

You could say that everything was going very well. Until someone told me about something called “Financial Freedom“In 1998, when I was at the height of my personal fulfillment, working for a large technology company, traveling and earning an excellent salary, some friends who had just joined a multilevel marketing businessFor the first time in my life they spoke to me about that which opened my mind to new possibilities.

I’ve never heard of the term Financial Freedom before. I had heard of freedom in other ways but never before associated with anything to do with my pocketbook and the many possibilities it represented in my life and that of my family.

During that time I learned that I could learn to dream big and do things that may seem impossible. I discovered that people have the potential to achieve everything we set out to do. I learned that money is not bad in itself but that it is the love of money and the way we conceive it that can attract many evils. I learned that whoever has the most is the one who can help others the most and that I could change my mindset from scarcity to mindset of abundance.

And the more I learned about it, the more I got excited about the idea of ​​one day being my own boss and financially free. But to do this, I first had to discover 10 truths about employment that many of us prefer to ignore:

1. Your job consumes your time. Having a job is dedicating eight or ten hours a day to an activity without realizing that the more time you dedicate to the company, the less time you dedicate to your family, your dreams and yourself.

2. The company decides your salary. When you work for someone then that someone determines the limit of your income. However, you were designed with the ability to generate double, triple or up to 10 times more than what you currently earn.

3. Your boss decides your vacation. In some companies they pay you vacations so you can continue working without interruption. Completely ignoring that rest is part of the health of every human being. And with this they only show that they are not interested at all as a person but only for your productive capacity.

4. Your job consumes your years. Without realizing it, time passes so fast that when you look back you discover that you have left your whole life, your strength, your intelligence and even your eyes in an activity working for someone else.

5. Your boss becomes your oppressor. If having a job is already enough of a burden on your back, having a pushy and abusive boss can be a nightmare. However, enduring this kind of situation occurs in the vast majority of companies whose slogan seems to be “either hold it or get out.”

6. Corporations lack opportunities. I remember Robert Kiyosaki’s book “Rich Dad” put it like this: “On the corporate ladder you will always find a huge ass in front of you.” And that means that to grow and improve yourself, you would have to eliminate whoever occupies the position you want and that becomes a macabre aspiration.

7. The supply of cheap talent is overwhelming. The outlook is apparently not very encouraging, since the trend is that companies hire the youngest, many times recent graduates, because not only are they more up-to-date but because they lack experience they can pay them lower salaries.

8. Forces are not forever. Working a lifetime to finally receive a pension that devalues ​​does not correspond to even a third of your last salary seems to be the reward that the corporate system offers to those who have left everything for nothing.

9. The work environment is increasingly hostile. The lack of opportunities means that you have to take care of your place at any cost. Hence, don’t expect loyalty, nor the so-called “nice atmosphere” that companies deceptively offer. On the contrary, your enemies will be waiting for you there, in the next cubicle every morning to make your life of squares.

10. Employment is not the answer to achieve your dreams. For all the above we can conclude that employment is not exactly the ideal vehicle to achieve your dreams. What happens is that many times those dreams have already been extinguished because as human beings we condition and adapt to a system that works this way and therefore we must accept it.

The good news is that not everything is so bad and what I intend with articles like this is to open your eyes and shake your brain so that you react and realize that there is a world of opportunities that begins right where you are now.

The following message expands wonderfully on what I have talked about here. I especially love the part where it says it’s “one” company time. Listen to it carefully, not once, not twice, but many times until you long for your own Financial Freedom that you start to build your new path towards it.

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