11 Skills For Success (That You Don’t Learn In School)

In a recent talk with my 12 year old son I was trying to teach him some principles for success in his life.

And while we were talking, I found myself questioning and remembering those values ​​that we talk about so much.

Look son, I told him. Things are not like before. Education in your school is very important and will be very useful to you to develop in life, but to be truly successful and achieve what you want, you will need to develop other important skills that you won’t be taught in school.

If you look around you, the most successful men and women today are not necessarily the most intellectual, or the smartest.

Today, financial and social success for example belongs to people who have developed certain very particular skills that I will now reveal to you.

Look around you and you will discover that today success is in the hands of great athletes like Michael Phelps, Cristiano Ronaldo or Usain Bolt, in artists like Andrea Bocelli or Shakira and in prominent actors like Will Simth or Salma Hayek.

The list is endless and many of them were not even 20 years old when they had already come very far in their careers and dreams.

But they are ordinary people like us. With some special talents, I have to say.
But his true success lies in his other abilities. The ones your teachers won’t teach you. Because many times they do not know them.

So I’ll tell you what are some of the special abilities that you must develop in your life to be a successful man in this era of enormous change:

Skills For Success

1. Financial Intelligence

You must learn to manage your money wisely. It is important that you develop financial intelligence. Most people make money but don’t know how to manage it. They spend a lot, save little, invest nothing.

As you develop financial intelligence and learn how to make your money produce, you can lead a calmer life and fulfill many of your dreams.

2. Sales Skills

If you want to be successful in a competitive world, you must learn to sell. Always all your life, sales skills will give you enormous advantages over anyone.

We are always selling so if you learn this skill now, you will be able to trade in any area of ​​your life with greater confidence and get what you set out to do.

3. Learn to Buy

Hardly anyone teaches you this. In fact, people consume without having the intelligence to buy.

You must learn to buy. As important as knowing how to sell is knowing how to buy. This is how Robert Kiyosaki teaches it. Learn to use means of payment properly and always get the best price and the greatest advantages.

Buy cash son. Avoid debt unless they are for investment and fully planned.

4. Learn to Cultivate Good Friends

Not everyone around you is your friend. Not everyone who calls himself a friend is a positive relationship.

You must learn to cultivate healthy relationships. Have good friends and never fight your enemies. Maintaining good relationships with everyone is part of the game of success in life.

5. Learn To Do What You Are Passionate About

Do what you like the most. All successful artists, athletes, social activists, politicians, professionals and people are almost always successful because they do what they like to do.

They enjoy what they do to such a level that they would do it for free and still get paid for it. Do with all your heart what you like to do the most.

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6. Don’t Get Tired Of Reading Books

Invest in books and enrich your mind. Get used to always reading a good book.

This will give you a lot of wisdom and you will learn from the greats. Read at least one book a month and this will save you years of experiential learning.

7. Don’t Fear Failure

Many people avoid failure. They see it as the opposite of success. If you fall, stand up. But never give up. All great successful men and women have failed not once but many times.

As you see failure as part of the process, it will be easier to handle it without frustration.

8. Fear God

Not everyone understands this principle. And you shouldn’t care. Because finally everything is personal in this life. The beginning of all things is the fear of God.

So put all your trust in him. Allow him to guide you, seek his wisdom and all success will come when you have his blessing. That is not seen son, that is called faith.

9. Be Whole, Take Care of Your Name

Be a good man. May people speak well of you and may those around you admire you for who you are. Save your words and have your actions support what you say.

That your yes be yes and that your no, be no. Your reputation and good name is the most important thing in everything. Don’t ever forget it.

10. Stay Away From Negative People

Stay away from negative people with pessimistic thoughts. Don’t let them contaminate you with their lack of passion.

Avoid all comments, gossip or any information that damages or puts the reputation of any person at risk.

11. Never Stop Learning

Finally, be a self-taught person. Learn from everything, all the time.

Adapt and never forget that times change and that you must learn to move very fast.

  • , title : '10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!
    10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!

Be agile, inform yourself, update yourself and be very smart!

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  • , title : '10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!
    10 SKILLS That Are HARD to Learn, BUT Will Pay Off FOREVER!