12 Low Investment Economic Franchises

If what you are looking for is to start a business with a guarantee of success, today I present to you in this post at least 12 low investment economic franchises which I am sure will be of great value for your project.

In this list you will find different options for start a business under the franchise model that do not require an investment of more than $ 10,000 dollars, which makes them very convenient and quick to start.

12 Low Investment Economic Franchises

1. Sing Your Name. A store specialized in offering personalized children’s products. Its huge inventory has a stock of printed and virtual ones that incorporate the child’s photo and name. Available in 22 countries. Investment: $ 2500 dollars.

2. Friking. Low investment economic franchise growing in Spain and Europe, offering t-shirts and sweatshirts with novel designs illustrated by the best cartoonists in the world. With excellent profit margins it offers guaranteed success. Investment: $ 9000 dollars.

3. Ashless. An innovative concept that offers its customers products to reduce tobacco consumption without reducing the pleasure of smoking. The e-cigarette business proposes a new, healthier way of smoking. Investment: $ 6000 dollars.

4. Jabonalia. Offers a highly profitable business based on the commercialization of cosmetic products and soaps of excellent quality, 100% natural. The costs are low, the product is not perishable and a very large space is not required to set up the store. Investment: $ 9500 dollars.

5. Ecomputer. It is an integrating company of computer equipment and on-demand computer services, oriented both to the home and to the company. Its main strength is the competitive prices as well as the guarantee in the quality of the technical service. Available in Mexico and Central America. Investment: $ 8000 dollars.

6. Offeralia. It offers the training of consultants specialized in e-commerce and online business. They do not require premises or employees and they give you the possibility of operating it from your home. Investment: $ 4000 dollars.

7. City in your Hand. It is a commercial guide in application format for mobile devices and tablets that provides users with updated information on business in your city. They have a fully structured and operating business model for easy assembly and adaptation in your area. No specialized technical knowledge is required and operation begins immediately. Investment: $ 4000 dollars.

8. Green Space. Leading research company committed to the environment that offers high-demand alternatives in renewable energy and efficient use of natural resources for companies. Investment: $ 6000 dollars.

9. Italy Pasta. A franchise that has revolutionized the concept of fast food offering a variety of express pastas. Investment: $ 3,500 dollars.

10. Olapromo. Online advertising managers with extensive experience that allow you to enter a million-dollar profit market. The use of the English language and even some French is essential. Investment: $ 9000 dollars.

11. Business from Home. Low Cost Franchise that specializes in the elaboration of personalized gifts for weddings and all kinds of events. Available in Spain and Mexico. Investment: $ 4000 dollars.

12. Twenty-six franchise. Local print publication whose strategy associated with its name is based on publishing good news but also summaries of the best 26 companies in the area, 26 discount coupons and 26 other interesting things. Investment: $ 3,500 dollars.

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