12 Sales Techniques Top Sellers Use [Reveladas]

12 Sales Techniques Top Sellers Use [Reveladas]

Selling more and faster is the dream of every company and every sales representative in this exciting profession.

Regardless of their business role or the product they market, everyone wants to sell better. But how can this goal be achieved?

Here we list 12 of the best techniques used by the most successful salespeople in the world and that can undoubtedly help you significantly improve the results in your business:

1. They know in detail the profile of their clients

The first thing to sell well is to know who our client is. Knowing their interests, tastes, online and offline habits, family structure, etc. is essential to focus a good strategy. Facebook is in fact perfect to find all this information.

When you’re looking for customers over the phone, or if you’re promoting a new product or service, don’t just think about selling during the first series of calls. You must give a description of your business and the services and products you offer, but more importantly, you must collect information about your interlocutor.

These first contacts will allow you to better analyze what your way of working will be. It is important that you be insightful and identify your future clients and their profile.

2. They convey an effective message

An effective message must generate credibility with your potential clients.

A little secret is not to focus on talking about your product or service, but rather to focus on the results and benefits. Simply put, your clients want to talk to a businessman, not a simple trader.

In order to convey an effective message, you need to know how to listen, be empathetic, and use simple and clear words. The best salespeople know how to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers.

3. They use more mail and fewer calls

Try not to call your potential customer too much, this can be annoying and destroy the sale if your prospect simply decides to ignore you. Be natural, and next time send an instant message or an email. In many cases this works better than making a second call.

The purpose of this email should be a bit more informal, trying to empathize as an equal with your client, and seem as little as possible someone who just wants to sell.

In the email, highlight your good ideas or offers of the moment. A very useful trick when writing the email is to start at the point where the last conversation ended, for example: “Following an observation in our phone conversation last month, I came up with a way to …“.

4. They see their customers as partners

Your clients are not just clients, they are also your partners.
That said, making sales immediately takes everything to another level.

If one of your partners needs something, why not let the sales department help them?

If you are able to show your clients that your company has a steel morale about work, this will generally translate into the fact that the next time your client needs your kind of service, they will most likely come back to you.

And not only that, he is also very likely to recommend you to others.

5. They are intuitive

Do you want to increase your sales? That’s obvious.

Now take the time to ask yourself this key question: “What does my client need and don’t ask me?“This is the best way to increase your sales. Take a survey of your customers, and if they think they don’t need anything, follow your intuition.

Develop a plan that is tailored to the needs of your clients and present it to them, create a need and there is a good chance that they will change their minds.

The best salespeople know how to ask the right questions and listen carefully to the answers.

6. They provide impeccable customer service

The best salespeople always accompany their strategy with an excellent and extraordinary level of customer service.

They usually do whatever it takes to look good with their customers and this helps facilitate the purchase decision or loyalty to the way you work.

In the process, these salespeople are able to align the organization’s processes and even personally intervene so that the customer is served like royalty. And the difference is noticeable in the numbers.

7. They deal with their clients in person

There are never second chances to make a good impression.

So turn off your mobile phone and focus on your sales process and start your presentation professionally. Never describe your product or service by reading notes or brochures.

Great salespeople make sure to be heard and understood clearly. They do not use idioms of their own or of their company, nor do they use words that not all customers can understand. On the contrary, their language is simple and easy to understand.

You must be prepared enough to answer your client’s questions naturally.

8. They make captivating sales presentations

Whether it takes them five or fifty minutes to make a sales presentation, they organize their content and maintain a dialogue with their audience that is most important.

Make sure you clearly present the basic idea of ​​your service or product from the beginning, and then support it with three points to fully explain the benefits of it. Include testimonials from satisfied customers and add a dose of emotions, this always enriches the message.

If time is short, put aside stories or other data that you can do without so you can focus on the essentials.

9. They take the initiative when closing a sale

At the end of a business presentation, the client thinks they know what he (or she) needs to know to make a decision.

The “trick” in this situation is to subtly ask the customer to make a decision early, this can be done by saying “, ¿¿Why not give it a try?“”I can give it to you today (or tomorrow)There are actually many closing techniques but none of them work if you don’t try.

A top-notch advisor always takes the lead at this point in the conversation with the potential client to motivate them to action.

10. They always go for more sales

Some feel entitled to relax once their day’s sales have reached their quota. But a top seller never does that.

If that’s the moment you can be the best. Instead of settling for your quota of sales made and laying to rest, keep making phone calls. Keep making visits and sending information electronically.

This will bring much more projects to the business and it is the best time to show how far you are capable of going. Your efforts will be more effective if you are always in action instead of stopping and starting over.

11. They plan their week effectively

The best salespeople on the planet are organized. They have an agenda and never forget an appointment. They have a briefcase with all the documents and what is necessary to attend a professional sales presentation.

So every night, write in your journal all the people you need to get in touch with and all the projects that will be presented to you for the next day.

Also plan a schedule for your phone calls to cut down on driving time if you have to travel to get to an appointment.

12. They build their customer loyalty

The hardest part is getting people’s trust. But if you do it, your sales will be unlimited.

You must first create a personal relationship and trust follows. Feel free to put in a little more effort and help your clients immediately if a problem arises.

Always keep your promises. All this makes your clients feel safe with your sales advice.

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