13 Reasons to Freelance

13 Reasons to Freelance

Have you ever imagined not having to constantly listen to your boss tell you that you have to do this or that thing in addition to the work you were scheduled to do, or even ask you to change your work schedule?

These are just some of the details you have to put up with while being an employee. Having a business It is the goal that is in the minds of many workers, but the truth is only a few achieve it.

The reasons can be varied, but perhaps the most important of all is the fact that many do not believe that they will be able to succeed. But these reasons do not arise out of nowhere or out of pure disagreement in mind, in this article you will see the 13 reasons why you should work as a freelancer (autonomous), and you will discover that this lifestyle has much more positive than negative factors.

Why can’t everyone be self-employed?
Having your own business when done correctly has many advantages, but it also takes a lot of dedication, persistence, personal organization and a lot of belief in yourself.

Unfortunately, not everyone can have these abilities and, finally, the rest of their life works under someone’s orders and they consider that someone else should think about what they should receive. Sometimes people get frustrated because they have never had time to do what they really wish they had done in their lives and they always blame the lack of time to do it.

Work should be something that gives us pleasure and not consider it tedious or something that wastes your time. But that seems very unlikely to see someone working for someone else subject to the hours that this person decides.

In this article I hope to show how positive a I work as a freelancer may have, helping you lose your fear of working on your own.

1. Define what you will do in your business
Work as a freelancer It could well be synonymous with freedom. In my opinion, this is the point that most motivates many to work on their own. Fool who thinks that having free time means that you can spend the morning in bed and get the rest of the day doing nothing.

Setting your own work time means working the hours you want of your time. You have to fulfill that moment in a sacred way and fulfill it as if it were a conventional job or else you will run the risk that when you find yourself without money you will have to work any weekend. You will have to do it for your company, that is never in doubt, but in this case you can decide when and how to do it.

2. You get 100% of the benefit of what your business generates
Have you ever tried to find out how much the company where you work as an employee generates and how much you receive at the end of the month? If not yet, I advise you not to do it, it can be very demotivating for you as an employee.

It’s frustrating to see that sometimes you only get less than 5-10 percent of what the business generates. When you work as a freelancer, what you are generating is for you. Of course, you take the risk if the business goes bad, you have to invest, etc. But decisions will have to be made. So ask yourself, do you prefer to work a lifetime to receive only a small part of what you produce or to earn all the benefits, even with some risk?

3. You work where you want
Imagine an employee’s day in an office: he wakes up, has breakfast, starts the car, and goes to the office. And he spends much of his time locked in a cubicle of a few square meters, waiting for a few days of vacation to be able to spend time outdoors.

Unless you decide to have a permanent establishment, working as a freelancer you can set the location where you want to present your products or provide your services. A cafeteria with an outdoor terrace on a garden bench or even in another city far from your residence, anywhere that serves as a light for your laptop or mobile phone.

4. Define the future of your business
One of the things that gradually lead many to abandon their employment is the inability to define the direction that the company is taking. There are regularly problems that they believed could be visualized and solved in a programmed way, but they cannot take any action because they always depend on it being authorized by either the manager or owner of the company.

The truth is that have your own business it is you who decides what to do to make your work more productive. Controlling expenses and making decisions depend only on yourself, and this gives a feeling of freedom that would be impossible to achieve if you work for someone else.

5. Faster growth as a professional
To the create your own company You will also put more responsibility on your shoulders, since before the slightest mistake you cannot blame another for it, you are always responsible. By having this greater responsibility ultimately, you require much more of yourself, forcing yourself to be more attentive to your attitudes.

This new weight that you have on your shoulders, although it seems quite stressful at first, the truth is that it allows you to grow as a professional much faster than if you had it as an employee. This extra attention will have to make you feel the need to learn more in order to stay one step ahead of your competitors. Work as a freelancer It increases your responsibilities, but it certainly also increases (and greatly) your ability to work.

6. Increase in productivity
As I mentioned in the previous point, running your own business increases your responsibilities, and it also causes another factor: increasing proactivity. With all the demands that you will be subjected to, you will have to learn not to always have someone tell you what to do, you will have more initiative and you will be less dependent on someone else’s orders.

Being proactive is undoubtedly one of the great weapons of successful people, who know that to reach the top in whatever area it is, it will depend largely on your own, on your desire to achieve that dream.

7. You don’t run the risk of being fired
When you talk about how to create your own business With other people, the main phrase that I have heard, and not infrequently, is: “Why don’t you continue working in such a company, there you have your salary at the end of the month and you can grow economically over time.” Does it look familiar to you?

Well, this sentence has two things that any successful freelancer or employer do not agree: the first is that growth should not be done “over time”, because everyone who believes that it is, is susceptible to any progress at work, the second is that, today more than Never, salary is not a sure thing at the end of the month.

No one guarantees that from today to tomorrow you will continue in your job. If you work as a freelancer, you just won’t make a ton of money if you can’t maintain your business. The responsibility is yours and you will decide your future, and we can guarantee that your work will always be successful if you do it with dedication, effort and love.

8. Create your own network of contacts
Be a independent professional It means, at least initially, being in charge of your entire network of contacts, since in reality you are going to sell a product or a service and someone will have to look for anyone interested in it. This same network of contacts is a guarantee that you can sell more of the same product, creating links that can be very beneficial for the future of your business.

9. Greater recognition
We often see great products on the market, but we have no idea who is behind all this, we only know that it was produced by company X. When you work as a freelancer and do a good job, you end up with all your credits from that initiative, opening new doors so that the most attractive and financially and professionally rewarding projects come to you.

10. You don’t have to put up with a boss
Sometimes the tasks that a boss does not like to do are the ones that he asks you to do. You also have to deal with the mood swings that you might have, ultimately ruining your day.

A good boss can lead you to success, but a bad one can ruin your self-esteem. In your own business you are your leaderYou give your own orders and try to find the best way to motivate yourself.

11. You don’t have to ask for a raise
If your business grows, your profits grow with it. Nothing simpler than that. If your business grows 50% a year, your profits will be reflected in that increase. How often does this happen in a normal job? Is rare.

12. You have no problems with vacations
Planning the vacation period with your boss is always a boring topic. It can take a week here and there, and sometimes you run the risk of missing your vacation.

What would you do if you are already working as a freelancer? You could choose the days you want to take the vacation without having to justify anything to anyone. This freedom consists in the fact that you can go to work happier, and therefore produce more and better.

13. You are happier
It is true that all this freedom gives the opportunity to increase your profits or have your name recognized. It makes you feel more satisfied with your work, increasing the chances of success in your area. Being the owner of your time and of yourself is undoubtedly one of the keys to happiness.

Do you still have doubts?
Fear is, in most cases, the main factor that prevents people from achieving success. The causes of not believing in yourself increases the chances of failure.

In the article you just read, I gave you several reasons why you should take a risk and work like a independent or self-employed professional, and although there are associated risks, the truth is that having your own business also has its good points and when this is achieved, it can completely change your life. Thinking of working as a freelancer?

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