14 Profitable Businesses in Colombia

14 Profitable Businesses in Colombia

They constantly write to me from different cities with the concern of knowing what could be the best businesses to invest locally.

So starting today and in the coming weeks I will share with you a series of articles that will answer these common questions, this being the first: profitable businesses in Colombia.

Despite the known difficulties resulting from the internal conflict, recent studies indicate that Colombia tops the list of the favorite countries in Latin America to do business, followed closely by Mexico.

The constant improvements in its competitiveness policies, its increasingly stable economy, the reduction of procedures and requirements for setting up a business, and the increasing access to credit make businessmen consider it an excellent platform to invest.

Hence, for those who plan start a business, here are some of the best options profitable businesses in Colombia.

1.Fashion clothing business

Colombians are very fond of fashionable clothes and spend a good amount of their budget on it. So importing good quality and high quality maracas clothing, whether for distribution or retail sale, is undoubtedly an excellent business opportunity.

2. Laundries and dry cleaners

Modern life has made this a business increasingly in demand for the inhabitants of large Colombian cities. Express delivery laundry concepts are great alternatives to consider as a startup.

3. Shoe store

Shoe stores represent another of those attractions and profitable business in Colombia that are liked by ladies and gentlemen who love good dress.

4. Cafeterias and food businesses

While it is true that there is a great offer for everything that has to do with the food business, there is also a high demand for innovative business concepts that combine good service, speed and of course good taste. Hence, coffee shops in all their variants continue to be an excellent alternative to undertake.

5. Aesthetics

Another of those potential businesses that never go out of style in the cities of Colombia, a product of the hectic modern life, are the beauty or aesthetic rooms that offer the ideal services to maintain an impeccable image in business, at university and at all events. Social.

6. Casinos and video lotteries

Although this kind of business is usually not liked by many, we must recognize that it has become very popular in this southern country, attracting more and more the attention and interest of those who like gambling and of course leaving huge profits. to their owners.

7. Startup and technology development

Colombians have always stood out for being enterprising people, very tenacious and with excellent levels of technological preparation. Which makes them potential candidates to give life to startups and create new companies based on innovative technological concepts.

The support of international organizations means that technological entrepreneurs have great advantages of all kinds that they can and should take advantage of.

8. Public Internet cybercafés

The sale of Internet service in phone booths or cybercafés continues to be a booming business. The high demand from people with fewer possibilities of hiring a payment service means that the networks of local Internet cafés continue to grow and represent opportunities for entrepreneurs.

9. Bakery business

More than a staple product, good-quality, delicious-tasting bread is an excellent business. And while there is plenty of supply in many of the Colombian cities, there is also a high demand for bakeries that compete in both good taste and price.

10. Stationery

Another of those businesses that are easy to set up and operate with guaranteed success are bookstores and stationery stores. For school, school, office and everywhere else, stationery stores meet the needs of these everyday products on different scales. A profitable business that every entrepreneur should consider.

11. The Coffee Business

If Colombians excel at something, it is evidently in the production of the highest quality coffee. So having a product of such prestige and demand worldwide, coffee is still a great option to trade.

Whether for export or local consumption, Colombian coffee always represents a profitable business in Colombia.

12. Public or private taxis

As cities grow, taxi services are in increasing demand. And the large Colombian cities do not escape this phenomenon. So if you are looking for a good idea to start your business, surely you should consider the possibility of starting your own line of rotating taxis.

13. Pawn shops

And well, another one of those businesses that we like or not, become necessary for many people who need to solve an immediate need, are the pawn shops. Which, leaving usury aside, can also represent an excellent income alternative.

14. Tourism business

I have had the opportunity to visit Bogotá and therefore verify that Colombians are warm and friendly people with a dream country that has beautiful and wonderful places to visit.

Therefore, the tourism industry will always have a space for entrepreneurs who want to venture into this interesting and lucrative world.

Undoubtedly, Colombia is a beautiful country that has had notable growth in recent years, with an excellent climate and enterprising and fighting people. Which is why you can always find many opportunities that can allow you to build profitable businesses in Colombia.

What other excellent business do you know in Colombia that you could recommend to our readers?

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