18 Ideas for setting up small shows

18 Ideas for setting up small shows

If of earn money it is about, little shows they can be an excellent business opportunity.

And it is because, whether for distraction, entertainment or simple recreation, regardless of age, people are attracted by fun shows and if they are also “free” or accessible in price even more.

Whether you have any personal talents or abilities that you can exploit or are willing to develop as producer of small showsThese ideas can be the spark that helps you launch yourself into a noble and promising business modality.

  1. Puppetry. Ideal for children’s parties, puppet shows are usually liked by young and old, you will need to invest in the manufacture of puppets and a theater as well as request the collaboration of some friends to support you with the scripts and performances.
  2. Pampering. Mimes are usually very attractive to animate in shopping centers, fairs and receptions. You just need a nice black suit, makeup and a lot of talent.
  3. Clown show. You can make your own proposal for a clown show to liven up parties and children’s events. A good clown, with charisma and different humorous options can be very demanding for work. Your income is charged by the hour, you work mainly on weekends and the investment is in a nice suit, shoes and makeup as well as some complementary utensils from the show.
  4. Adult clown show. A variant of the previous point is a clown to liven up adult parties such as bachelor parties, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Obviously the fundamental difference is in the comic repertoire, the musicalization and the activities that the show entails.
  5. Magic show. If you like the feeling of amazement of the public at the innocent but impressive magic tricks, this may be your alternative of little shows. You certainly need a magician with a nice, well-crafted magic show. Also ideal for children’s parties and school events.
  6. Theater plays. A little more elaborate but interesting and profitable is the assembly of children’s plays which can be based on well-known characters from movies or the like. You can be accompanied by some youth actors with whom you develop the scripts to offer your presentations to shopping centers, schools and to liven up birthdays. Of course, the investment implies some scenery, costumes, lights, music and promotion.
  7. Mariachis. A musical group of regional Mexican music is very attractive to liven up all kinds of celebrations such as: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and corporate events. You will need to build your group of musicians and invest in costumes and instruments. Consider working especially nights and weekends but the income can be attractive.
  8. Singers. If the voice or musical instruments are your talent, you can create your own musical show either as a soloist or accompanied by someone else such as duets or quartets to liven up different events. Ideal for parties like Christmas and you can promote yourself with companies, restaurants, amusement parks, etc.
  9. Dance shows. You can also form your own dance company to liven up events. The most attractive are usually Brazilian dances, Batucada, contemporary dance, Flamenco or various choreographies. Ideal for private parties, street celebrations, hotels, weddings and cultural events.
  10. Stilts. The “stilt walkers” as they are commonly called are very attractive to complement and animate different festive events. The investment basically consists of stilts and special suits. And of course you have to have the people who can use them. Perfect show for fairs, parties and cultural celebrations, musical concerts, etc.
  11. Human statues. Another great idea that can complement any show and celebration is human statues. They basically consist of the preparation of silver or gold suits with special paint for the body. Very attractive to provide additional appeal to the celebrations.
  12. Photos with Santa claus Exclusively for the Christmas season, shopping centers always seek to liven up this season with the presence of a Santa Claus who greets and can take photos with the children. The main investment consists of a suit and if you want to give it even more life you can invest in a sleigh, lights and some wooden reindeer. You can include instant photography as part of your business, so you will have to assist you with someone in the camera and printing.
  13. Shows with animals. Show mounted by specialists consists of animated shows where you can bring exotic animals so that children can meet and interact with them. Due to the type of activity it represents, it is essential that you are an expert on the subject and that you have the necessary authorizations to possess, transport and display certain types of animal species. Perfect alternative for school activities.
  14. Storytelling. This is an activity that requires a very special talent consisting of the ability to narrate with great imagination and special detail children’s stories. Perfect for shopping malls, school activities, quermeses, etc.
  15. Impersonators. One of the funniest and most popular shows are imitations. If your talent is acting and you can combine it with musical performances, the imitation of artists and political figures are a good alternative for a show. The favorites are usually: Juan Gabriel, Michael Jackson and others. Similar to previous ones, you promote your services to liven up parties, events and charge your hourly fees.
  16. Humorists. If you have a lot of charisma and can entertain an audience for a long time by telling jokes and humorous anecdotes, this may be a perfect idea for you. You can turn that charisma into your source of extra income. You’ll need to invest in an eye-catching suit, sound equipment, and some accessories to bring your performance to life.
  17. Circus shows. Jugglers, trapeze artists and all kinds of circus-type acts are also usually very attractive to spectators, although of course you need to have this special talent and all the infrastructure to ensure the fewest possible accidents. With good planning and the right staff, you can have an interesting source of income in your hand.
  18. Shows of your own creativity. In addition to those mentioned, people are always thirsty for new and varied very creative shows, which makes the possibilities practically endless. You can come up with your own versions of the previous ones and win your own space in this interesting and attractive market of the little shows. For example: car shows, sports shows, rodeos, ventriloquism, creation of new characters, etc.

Of course, you can start small by building any of these ideas as a business project and gradually incorporate other activities in such a way that the final product is your own production company.

In addition, you should not forget that the sale of your services is as important as the talent and the assembly of the production, so it is essential that you implement different promotional tactics to make them known as well as some marketing strategies for artists that you can see here .

If you’re not sales expert But you want to document yourself a little more about the subject, in this link you will find 23 sales techniques for NOT sellers.

And these are others business ideas that might interest you:

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