23 Sales techniques for NON-sellers

Let’s accept it! not everyone likes sales and not everyone knows How to sell.

Nevertheless, “the number one skill to be successful in life and in business is learning to sell” — Blair Singer

If you are one of those people who has difficulty with the subject of sales, but you recognize its importance and are willing to take a first step to learn techniques and thus improve the income of your company, This article is for you.

You can have the best product in the world, maybe you have great prices and be a great administrator. And all of that is excellent, but if not you sell effectively, your profits will be poor and your business could fall sooner or later in financial crisis.

Sales generate cash flow that your business needs to stay alive and healthy and therefore, these are some practical and economic tips to start improve your sales from today.

  1. And you are not a born seller The you don’t have sales skills, acquire a sales book today and start learning about it.
  2. And you are a seller, prepare a training for the whole your company staff and do it periodically.
  3. Make sure everyone in your company is clear that they are all sellers.
  4. If you have salespeople, work closely with them. Train them, motivate them, offer them a good incentive plan. They are a great asset for your company.
  5. Design good sales tools or improve the ones you currently have: catalogs, leaflets, quotes, flyers, billboards, etc.
  6. Create a compensation system for clients that they recommend you to other clients. Your client, when satisfied as such, is also a salesperson working for you (and for free).
  7. Use These low-cost tactics to promote your business and thus attract more customers.
  8. Implement a home delivery system and further expand your regional market.
  9. Create offers and hooks that attract your customer’s attention.
  10. Study your competition and creates a differentiating factor that add value to your product the business.
  11. Improve your opening hours to the public. Open earlier and close later.
  12. Reward the best sellers.
  13. If you do not have them, you must propose from today, specific sales goals. Measuring them by month and analyzing them in quarterly and yearly periods is a good technique.
  14. Work tirelessly to achieve your sales goals.
  15. Implement better services.
  16. Dale value added at your services.
  17. Dare to do new, creative, ingenious things and measure the results.
  18. If you don’t have it yet, create a web page for promote your business on the internet. In this way you will attract new customers.
  19. Improve your payment systems. Expand your accepted means of payment in such a way that your customers can find it easier to buy.
  20. Consider implementing a credit system.
  21. Create a frequent client system that rewards the loyalty of your best customers.
  22. Make the acquisition of your product as easy as possible either by improving visibility or by locating it in other locations to attract your customer.
  23. Use the phone as sales tool. Well-used telemarketing can be an incredible strategy for attracting new customers.

And if there were still any doubts about the importance of sales and the need to be more competitive every day, you should know the following:

  • Before the client came to you deal in search of your product. Today, your product must reach the customer.
  • Before, the client evaluated your business as an option. Today the client will have dozens of options similar or better than yours.
  • Before the customer bought near their area. Today the customer can buy anywhere in the world over the Internet and receive the product at the door of his house.
  • Everything sells: sell the presentation of your staff, sell their language, sell the cleaning of your premises, sell the presentation of your product, sell your logo, sell your slogan, sell the presentation of your documents, everything sells.
  • The company that does not develop better sales techniques has only one destiny: to perish in the wild business world.
  • Nowadays, what you know is not as important as how fast you learn. Yes you don’t know how to sell, you must start learning today.

Finally remember: you must become a sales expert or at least have the ability to have on your team the best sellers in the world. What you stop doing, your competition will.

Today you can enroll in a sales seminar and start transform your business from inside. How much are you willing to invest? ¿How much do you really want to improve your income?

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