25 Excellent Business Ideas to Make Money at Christmas

25 Excellent Business Ideas to Make Money at Christmas

Can you imagine the amount of money that moves in business just on December 24 at Christmas?

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world go out that day with a sense of urgency and almost desperation to make last minute purchases.

Gifts, ornaments, food, clothing, fireworks, spirits and a myriad of products are sold that day at the speed of light and people shop almost without stopping to consider the price.

The end of the year time is undoubtedly a very special season for all people.

But for entrepreneurs who are always looking for business opportunities, Christmas time is a unique occasion that cannot be missed to earn money.

Some time ago I wrote a post about why Christmas businesses are perfect for those who want to end the year with a good additional income and these are some of the advantages that make them exceptionally attractive:

  • They are seasonal businesses, that is to say that in a few weeks you can earn good money
  • It is an extremely emotional season, so people are more open to shopping because they want to please their loved ones at almost any cost
  • People have more capacity to consume since at the end of the year workers usually receive special bonuses and Christmas bonuses
  • There are a variety of seasonal products and services, which allows you to venture into different alternatives in terms of investment
  • They are informal businesses, which means that you don’t need the infrastructure of a formal company to be able to sell something in those days

Therefore, today I share at least 25 good business ideas Among which I am sure you will find the perfect idea to end the year big and with a lot of $$ in your pocket.

25 Business Ideas to Make Money at Christmas

  1. Gift packaging. This is a time when everyone will give not just one but many gifts and you will need to give them carefully packaged. You can install a packing station in any shopping center or even in your neighborhood. How about offering them a quick and creative packaging option?
  2. Sale of toys. You can buy a lot of toys at a good price with wholesale distributors and open a small bazaar in your garage.
  3. Sale of second-hand clothes. Similar to the previous idea, you can get a batch of used clothing and / or shoes and sell it with your friends, colleagues and family or make a bazaar.
  4. Seasonal food. If you like cooking, you can prepare delicious seasonal dishes or sweets and sell them in your neighborhood. Turkeys, legs and tamales are just some of the traditional foods in high demand at Christmas. See: the best seasonal food recipes.
  5. Party organization. A more elaborate idea that surely requires more logistics is to organize the end of the year parties. Ideal for corporate gatherings or New Year celebrations. This option can leave you very good extra money.Chocolate houses. Chocolate houses are usually an excellent gift for friends at this time. They are very easy to do and you can learn it quickly if you put your mind to it. They also leave you very good earnings.
  6. Candy or chocolate popsicles. You can also make seasonal figurine popsicles that sell pretty well for a few bucks with friends and family.
  7. Making seasonal decorations. If you like sewing or crafts, you can make Christmas-related decorations such as boots, socks, snowmen, reindeer, Santa Clauses, etc. They sell very well in businesses or in the neighborhood for the home.
  8. Christmas tree decoration. It is not very common but it can be a creative service. You can offer Christmas tree decoration services for warehouses, shops and businesses. If you have the ability to decorate you can charge very well for your creative designs.
  9. Card making. Many people give cards to their friends and what better than a specially made card with very artistic and creative designs. In this digital age, the artisan takes on a greater value. Put your talent to work and earn money!
  10. Sell ​​promotional items to companies. Many companies give gifts to their employees as a year-end souvenir. What if you become a distributor of promotional items. You can market it by going directly to the manufacturers and getting special prices as a wholesaler.
  11. Sells Easter. Occasion flowers such as Easter are an excellent attraction at this time. Everyone wants to have one and you can buy them wholesale and resell them at a great price.
  12. Pet sitting. Many families use to travel and take vacations at the end of the year but they need someone to take care of their pets. If you are an animal lover, you can offer a home care service that includes food. And how about some kind of “pet hotel” for those little friends?
  13. Prepared gifts. Gift exchanges are a tradition in companies and families. How about the preparation of inexpensive gifts prepared with some attractive packaging. Surely you could market them very well.
  14. Christmas baskets. Another common gift around this time is baskets full of groceries, drinks, and cheeses. You can build your own baskets and sell them at excellent prices in companies. They are marketed very well especially if they have a dose of ingenuity in the presentation.
  15. Sell ​​ceramic figures. The figures that adorn the nativity scenes are in high demand this season as well as all the accessories to decorate the tree. You can buy them in bulk and resell them for this purpose.
  16. Christmas trees. If there is one product that everyone wants, it is Christmas trees. You can buy your own lot and sell it for great prices. Even today it is very easy to import trees of different sizes from China.
  17. Grapes and apples. Seasonal fruits are sold by the pound and you can buy them by the wholesale box at affordable prices and resell them by the pound. You will see that at this time they sell very well.
  18. Tamales. We mentioned it above and it is worth emphasizing. A typical product of the Christmas season are tamales in their different presentations and flavors. If you know the preparation and you like the traditional, do not miss such a great opportunity to earn good money at Christmas.
  19. Wine. The 12 o’clock bells are celebrated with wine and shampagne. You can market the wines to your friends, family, and co-workers. You certainly need a little more investment but it is a product in excellent demand.
  20. Turkeys and Pork Legs. Other exquisite vintage dishes that you can sell and earn some good extra dollars with it.
  21. Christmas bread. If baking is your thing, you can prepare different options of vintage bread or muffins to sell and share with loved ones.
  22. Photos with Santa. Santa Claus is the favorite character of many. Why not put on the costume and offer, with the help of a friend, personal photos with the gift man. They charge very well in shopping centers and the investment is minimal.
  23. Entertain in Shopping Centers. You can set up your own animation company and offer a seasonal musical show in shopping centers. You can charge it by the hour and the managers of these places will be delighted to have an additional appeal in their stores.
  24. Organize musical concerts. If you like production, you can gather a group of musicians and choristers and offer concerts in inns and shopping centers. You will surely get a lot of demand and good profits.

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Well, I’m sure that these ideas will be just the spark that should ignite your creativity and your desire to do business at christmas and earn money. Let me know if any of them have been useful to you and if you have others to add they will be welcome.

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