25 Tips To Increase Your Sales

25 Tips To Increase Your Sales

According to Robert Kiyosaki, one of the most important skills you must have as a businessman and entrepreneur to be successful in business is: know how to sell.

Regardless of the role of your business, improving your sales capabilities will allow you to multiply your income quickly and effectively.

Today I share 25 tips to significantly improve your sales skills and dealing with the client. If you put them into practice, your results will come faster.

  1. Learn to listen to the customer, do not speak or offer without first listening carefully
  2. Have a genuine attitude of service, your client will perceive it
  3. Don’t see the customer with a $$ symbol on their forehead
  4. Try to identify their primary needs and you will have won 50% of the land
  5. Dress appropriately, your image sells
  6. Speak properly, your vocabulary sells
  7. Develop your own marketing material and tools
  8. Learn everything you need about your product
  9. Make sure the buyer fully understands what you are offering
  10. Be friendly and jovial but don’t fake it
  11. Be patient, pushing too hard can ruin everything
  12. Keep a positive attitude
  13. Read books that keep you active
  14. Learn to “tolerate” frustration
  15. If you lose a sale, go for the next one, do not spend time to regret
  16. Learn to work as a team: your colleagues and supervisors are valuable
  17. Be honest: deception and manipulation are elements of failure
  18. Practice your responses to objections
  19. Don’t be paralyzed by an objection, handle it intelligently
  20. Close your sales with elegance, without running over the customer
  21. Follow up with your customers
  22. When you have to make calls, make them! do not give place to laziness
  23. When you have to visit, visit! don’t lose before you fight
  24. Study your market and focus
  25. Be organized with your agenda and contacts

And finally, one of the wisest pieces of advice I know: Enjoy what you do!

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