30 Tips to Increase Your Sales

“I need urgent advice to increase my sales
“I’ve already tried everything and my sales do not grow, I need help”.

If you identify with any of these common expressions of the entrepreneursthen you have to read these 30 Tips to increase your sales that you can put into practice starting today.

  1. Improves the presentation of your product. What looks good sells well.
  2. Improve your times to send quotes. Clients are looking for quick answers.
  3. Make sure you offer an excellent customer service. Remember that your client has many options.
  4. It offers added value. This will help your customer come back.
  5. Promptly resolve claims. The after-sales service it is of great importance in the long term.
  6. Instead of units it sells packages. Follow the example of McDonald’s that does not sell you hamburgers, it sells you combos.
  7. Create a referral program or system.
  8. Train your salespeople. Teach or brush up on sales techniques.
  9. Hire a motivational talk for your salespeople. Help them remember their goals.
  10. Improve the verbal and personal presentation of your salespeople.
  11. Display the best clothes (or products) on your sideboards. This attracts the buyer’s attention.
  12. Use words that sell: offer for a limited time, special price, payment facilities, immediate delivery, guarantee, etc.
  13. Create promotions that attract your customers.
  14. Focus on your specific market. Don’t pretend to sell to the whole world.
  15. Identify your competitive advantages and use them in your promotional media.
  16. Use facebook as a complement to promote your business or your brand.
  17. Create a free website for your business.
  18. Offer credit card payment to your customers. This will expand your chances of selling.
  19. Consider home delivery.
  20. Always evaluate the response of your advertising media to know where to invest more.
  21. Incentivize your staff with bonuses for bring in new clients (that they buy).
  22. Establish a culture in your business that “everyone sells”. The secretaries, the accountants, the pilots, the management. Everyone must know how to sell.
  23. Offer free samples (if applicable). This attracts a lot of buyer’s attention and lowers the risk barrier.
  24. Always include images of people in your advertising. People buy for pleasure or fear, not because they see the image of a product only.
  25. Occasionally survey your customers to measure the quality of your service or product. Give them a discount for honestly answering your questions.
  26. Don’t do the same as your competitors do. Get creative and do better.
  27. Make more visits and business presentations.
  28. Open your business earlier. Close later.
  29. Install one point of sale in a market or shopping center. The tendency is to leave the four walls of your office or premises.
  30. Promote your business on the Internet. It is easier than you think.

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