35 Business Ideas To Make Money On Valentine's Day

35 Business Ideas To Make Money On Valentine’s Day

There are festivities that occur only once a year such as Valentine’s Day and that are great opportunities to earn money that an entrepreneur cannot miss.

For example, as a statistical data, only on this day are sold an amount of roses equivalent to those sold throughout the rest of the year. And this phenomenon is similar in any city where the celebration takes place.

Similarly, sales of perfumes, chocolates and everything related to romantic details are skyrocketing. Hence, commercial offers to sell a variety of products and services are available.

Now, regardless of whether or not love and affection are celebrated, which is a topic that does not concern this blog but that perhaps one of these days we will debate;) if we should know that February 14 is a unique date in which people invest (or spend) a lot of money to make some emotional points and achieve conquer that loved one.

So while some focus on hearts and cupids, entrepreneurs will be on the lookout for new and creative ways of doing business.

In fact, you would be surprised to know that some of the most interesting and successful products that can be marketed on these dates have to do with courses to develop conquest and seduction techniques, for example:

And if you also want to discover other businesses that can generate an excellent extra income during this season, here I share these.

35 business ideas to start on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Set up a stand to sell roses (could not miss)
  2. Install a gift packing kiosk with very romantic details
  3. Sell ​​flowers online
  4. Sale of medals, jewelry and accessories
  5. Sale of chocolates
  6. Sell ​​teddy bears
  7. Sell ​​decorative balloons
  8. Design very creative love cards
  9. Sell ​​gifts armed with chocolates and balloons
  10. Set up a photo booth as a couple with a nice background
  11. Dress up as cupid and entertain yourself in a shopping center
  12. Organize a romantic excursion
  13. Offer menus with special dishes in your restaurant for this day
  14. Provides the service of designing and placing blankets with targeted romantic messages
  15. Host romantic pet dinners
  16. Offers Valentine decoration for shops and malls
  17. If you are a musician, liven up the evening in a restaurant
  18. Create a record with your music and sell it on Valentine’s Day
  19. Make and sell crafts according to the occasion
  20. Make and sell balloon arrangements
  21. Make printed T-shirts with special messages
  22. Sale of decorative and scented candles
  23. Organize special surprises for those special people
  24. Make delicious heart-shaped desserts
  25. Sell ​​your valentine’s products with a catalog
  26. Sell ​​lingerie with beautiful packaging
  27. Sell ​​exquisite perfumes
  28. Sales of sweets and chocolates
  29. A horse drawn cart for a romantic tour
  30. Host an evening with music and fireworks
  31. Sell ​​personalized poems
  32. Form a mariachi band and sell love serenades
  33. Special manicure offers for Valentine’s Day
  34. Sell ​​Puzzles of your romantic photo
  35. Sale of artificial flowers

As you can see, most of these second-hand businesses can be set up in a short time and generate some extra money. I will not say that they are all easy to implement but I am sure that among all these options you will find something ideal for you.

So here is the list and I consider that there are many more business ideas to do on this memorable date that will surely occur to you.

What do you need to get started?
Well, basically some capital to invest, a lot of creativity and move quickly to have your strategy ready for that day.

Don’t wait until the last minute to start planning something, do it now.

As in any business, it is always advisable to make a plan, put everything in writing. Make a budget and very important, have a sales strategy.

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