40 Small Businesses You Can Start With Under $ 1000 Dollars

Many of the people who visit us are looking for businesses they can start with little investment.

Most because they are in the process of raising more capital or simply because they are looking for alternatives to earn some extra money that complements your monthly budget.

Today I share a list of those Small business that you can start today with as little as $ 1,000 or less *.

It should certainly not surprise you that these businesses that you can actually start with little money they share a common characteristic. And it is that they mostly have to do with the use of your own talents, time or manual resources to be able to generate income.

Of course, this is a very practical way to start what in the future could become a great company, as long as you apply the basic principles of administration from day one.

  1. Temporary pet care
  2. Cartoonist or portrait artist
  3. Computer repair
  4. PC virus cleaning service
  5. Sculptor of figures in ice
  6. Small shows for children’s parties
  7. Polishing and waxing of automobiles
  8. Childcare
  9. English courses
  10. Acrylic Nail Service
  11. Soccer football referee
  12. School tutorials
  13. Data recovery services
  14. Making handmade greeting cards
  15. Catalog sales
  16. Taxidermist
  17. Elderly care
  18. Translate services
  19. Window washing services
  20. Web designer
  21. House painting
  22. Cleaning services
  23. Elaboration of crafts
  24. Manufacture and sale of costume jewelery
  25. Raised text
  26. Thesis revision
  27. Baby care
  28. Custom t-shirt printing
  29. Buying and selling second-hand items
  30. Multi-level business
  31. Write a blog
  32. Aerobics classes
  33. Bike repair
  34. Preparation of cakes
  35. Dance instructor
  36. Dog trainer
  37. Dog walker
  38. Sale of flower arrangements
  39. Mysterious client
  40. Singer

As you can see, they are mostly easy to prepare activities that do not require more than a simple business plan, a minimal investment and some promotion. You can see our article on low cost tactics to promote your business that I am sure will be useful to you.

Also, remember that these ideas are a guide so you can have a starting point for your small business but you can adapt each concept to your own particular situation. For example, instead of English lessons, you could think of guitar lessons. Instead of a singer, you could think of a cartoonist or choreographer and the like.

What is the idea that has interested you the most? Do you need more info? Let me know to expand on the topic.

Other small business ideas:

  • , title : '5 Business Ideas You Can Start with 1000 (Can Start Tomorrow)
    5 Business Ideas You Can Start with 1000 (Can Start Tomorrow)

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