5 Reasons Most People DON'T Get Rich

5 Reasons Most People DON’T Get Rich

Being a millionaire is not impossible and getting rich does not have to be an unattainable dream.

With a few exceptions, many of today’s millionaires were not always.

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Some people only see the possibility of getting rich in a very distant way either by winning the lottery, inventing the next Facebook or marrying someone a millionaire.

And that way of thinking is what limits them the most from achieving that dream of being truly financially free one day.

However, you might be surprised to know that there are some natural and even insanely simple rules that millionaires have discovered that by ignoring them prevent most people from getting rich.

Here I reveal five of them:

Reason 1: They expect a magical start

Most people do not want to seek success. They usually sit idly by when that magical moment arrives. The multiple failures seem to have quenched his dreams.

Instead they postpone and postpone every attempt while waiting for an opportunity. “perfect“or almost prepared by fate for them.

The longer you wait to start doing something, the longer it takes to enjoy the rewards of success, abundance, and a great lifestyle.

Many are still waiting for everything to be perfect before starting. So why not start planning your own path to financial freedom and success today? A well-known proverb already says it: “An ounce of action is worth more than a ton of intention“. [twitéalo]

Reason 2: They are financially illiterate

The cornerstone of all wealth begins with understanding the difference between assets and liabilities.

Such difference is the following: Assets put money in your pocket. Liabilities take money out of your pocket. This is how Robert Kiyosaki aptly teaches it in his book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad.” [twitéalo]

Most of the people are not financially educated and therefore they think that their possessions like the house, the car, the cell phone and others, are assets. But, the truth is that in most cases they are only those liabilities that take your money out of your pocket.

Liabilities cost money. They do not generate money.

So the true definition of all those luxuries and things that make us look rich is that they are just passive. They take the money out of your pocket every month.

When you have more money that comes from building real assets than you have to pay for liabilities, then you will be financially free.

But what are those assets? How are they built? Keep reading…

Reason 3: They focus on achieving a linear income instead of generating residual income

In a recent interview a millionaire said: “If you are not making money while you sleep, you will never be rich.

Let’s understand the difference. The linear income It is what you get from a job. You work for eight or ten hours and you get paid for the time worked each time you do it. That is all. Your time worked translates into money. [twitéalo]

Passive income or residual income, on the other hand, is when you work once and continue to get paid over and over again even when you are no longer doing the job.

Investing in creating real assets that generate passive or residual income for you is your ticket to wealth. Start by thinking about real estate, online businesses, investments in stocks or cryptocurrencies, and others.

Reason 4: They don’t use systems to earn money

A money making system is something that allows you to generate income without requiring your own physical effort all the time. In other words, it is an automated way to make money.

All actual assets are simply “systems“of one kind or another.

Once a proven money making system is created or invested in, there will be no limit to the money you can make. So the great challenge is for you to become a master of money systems that can bring you riches beyond your dreams.

It should be mentioned that the greatest limitation in this regard is people’s fear of not finding the right system. Your concern for invest in a business that it does not produce them literally paralyzes them and prevents them from finding the formula that works for them.

The rich meanwhile, know that there is always risk but are willing to accept it. They know that they will not always win the first time but they are also convinced that even if they fail a few times, once you find the perfect formula, your life can change, forever. [twitéalo]

Reason 5: They are not persistent or patient enough

To finish any race, you have to start from the starting line and continue until you cross the finish line. Most people create their own failure, either by never starting or not persisting to the end, or both.

To get rich and successful you must have the patience and persistence to cross the finish line. Not only do you have to start, but you also have to stick with it and keep going. This may sound obvious, but it is still the cause of most failures.

Most businesses require learning and adaptation. And just because something doesn’t go right the first time doesn’t mean it doesn’t work at all, it just means that we haven’t learned enough.

What to do? How to take the first step to get rich?

Only a very small percentage of people are willing to beat the five reasons mentioned above and they have the best chance of wealth and success.

The other 99% will think that this is another of those abundance issues that they prefer to ignore and will choose to settle and take refuge in the conformity of their current condition. I know it sounds harsh, but it usually happens …

So the challenge for you is that you decide to do different things and thus chart your own route to financial freedom. If you don’t, then you will be like most people, who can never get rich and spend their entire lives regretting that they were not “lucky” in life.

So make up your mind now to master the ideas mentioned above and start your path to success from now on. This has nothing to do with who is around you.

This is something between your person and your future. I have written this article for those people who have an invincible spirit and who know that sooner or later they will achieve it.

6 Options for Building Assets

If you want to know more about how to start building those assets and start generating residual income that leads to wealth, you should start by learning everything you can about the systems I describe below.

I am sure that in any of these you will find your own route to wealth and then no one will be able to stop you.

At no point do I say they will be instant or quick wealth options. Nothing of that!

On the contrary, I warn you that they will require a lot of attitude and hours of learning as I am doing. You may miss the start a few times, but once you start, then you will be building that longed-for future and I hope one day to find us traveling the world and enjoying having accepted the challenge.

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