5 smart ways to use screen sharing in your business

As the name suggests, screen sharing is a feature that allows multiple devices to share the same screen. Although it has been around since the mid-1990s, many people neglect its benefits. If you’re looking for a powerful tool that can take everything from presentations to customer support to the next level, then consider some smart screen sharing options for your business.

Train remote workers

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Thanks to the powerful capabilities of the Internet, you can have employees for you from virtually anywhere in the country. If you need a way to train these remote workers, consider screen sharing. With screen sharing, you can save money without paying shipping or materials. Instead, all the materials your remote workers need is right there on their computer screen, and you can walk them through the entire training with screen sharing.


If you’ve worked in a customer service department, you know how difficult it is to provide answers and solutions when you’re not sure if the customer is looking at the same thing as you, rather than trying to upload training videos, submit practice papers, or deal with confusing phone calls, you can use screen sharing to offer great customer support. When you receive a video call with your customers and can share their screen, you can immediately see the problem and solve it in real time.

Online meetings

If you need real-time collaboration between colleagues or teams during an online meeting, screen sharing can help. You will be able to share diagrams, graphs, images and other content related to your meeting with everyone. This ensures that everyone can see important information when they need to see it. Screen sharing can not only shorten the meeting time, but also increase the clarity of the topics discussed.

Sales demos

It is sometimes difficult to explain what you are selling and its benefits to potential customers. However, with screen sharing, you can do more than just explain what you are selling – you can also let them experience it. You can simply share your screen with your potential customers and let them see the features for themselves. Screen sharing is a powerful tool for making connections and creating a more engaging and memorable sales showcase.

View documents

Have you ever looked at a document with a team and everyone is trying to make changes at the same time? Before you know it, you have an extensive email chain and no one is sure which version of the document is current. Instead of wasting time keeping up with email threads, you can simply use a shared screen so everyone can see the document in real time and make changes together.

Do you want to improve your presentations or help your teams? If you’re more productive, you know you can move to screen sharing to improve your business and improve collaboration productivity.