5 Strategies to Select the Best Human Talent

5 Strategies to Select the Best Human Talent

More and more organizations are recognizing the importance of having the human talent appropriate to achieve the best possible results.

Currently, we are in a highly competitive period and for your company to make a difference, it must find talent with the necessary skills and abilities to drive it to optimal growth.

To maximize results in the search for the best human talent, we share some strategies that will optimize your staff recruitment process.

Guest Author: Leady Alvarado

1. Align the objectives

Many of the processes of staff recruitment, are specifically focused on the profiles of each position. Although, it is important to select the talent that is capable of correctly performing the established activities, but it is also essential that they share the same vision as the organization.

“The key to targeting the best qualified people is aligning the talent management plan with the objectives of the company.”

Defining the selection criteria based on the general needs of the organization will make the candidates become involved in the collective interests, generate a commitment to the company and achieve higher levels of performance in their work.

2. Create a qualified talent management team

Although it is important to have a team of human resources professionals to make a correct selection, it is also important to include those managers and personnel who are involved in the final decision-making in relation to vacancies, since unifying the participation of both elements, can carry out a more comprehensive assessment of the candidate’s profile.

3. Provide all the resources that facilitate the process

Complementary to the aforementioned, for the human talent management team to carry out a more precise evaluation, it is necessary to provide all the resources to streamline the recruitment process.

Working collaboratively, the information collected is more accurate and complete; exact metrics for selection are established and more specialized decision making is carried out.

For this, it is necessary that each of the positions be described in detail (skills, personal attributes, knowledge, experience, etc.), because if the candidate does not meet all the expectations stipulated by the management team, there may be problems of communication or the objectives they seek to achieve are not clear.

4. Focus your recruitment process on new ways of working

Technological advancement has not only made consumer trends change, but also the ways of working within an organization.

The new generations are changing the labor paradigms and if your company does not focus on the demands they present, you may not obtain the desired results. It must be clear that they are the future of organizations and, therefore, the ways of working must be redefined.

For example, in your staff recruitment process You must consider various channels to contact potential candidates, such as social networks (with which you can also corroborate data, learn more about interests and the way they are socially integrated), or the implementation of management software that allows you maximize efforts and quickly identify the fittest.

5. Strengthen the capacities of your internal talent

Finally, it considers that, every time a person assumes a new position, there must be someone capable of leading their performance (mainly if it is a succession of positions), and if there is no one who can assume this position, there may be discrepancies in the final results, both of the recruitment process and of the organization in general.

Recognize the capabilities of each member of your staff and create internal talent groups, for the training of leaders in the training and development of the skills of new members.

In addition, the development of qualified talent facilitates the attainment of desirable skills among a wider group of employees, resulting in higher performance at all levels and functions of the organization.

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