5 Success phrases to start the week

They say that there are 2 determining factors for act effectively: external motivations and internal motivations.

The former usually provide a dose of energy that needs to be constantly renewed. The latter come from our dreams, from our deepest longings and desires.

Today I share you 5 success phrases that will help you keep alive the dream of financial freedom. Taking 10 minutes to reflect on them can make a difference. Have a successful week in everything you do.

“Where there is a successful company someone ever made a brave decision.”

Peter Drucker

(Famous journalist and writer recognized expert in Management)

“Motivation prompts us to start and habit allows us to continue.”

Jim Ryun

(One of the world’s greatest athletes, politician and writer)

“Poor companies ignore their competitors; ordinary companies copy their competitors; winning companies lead the way to their competitors.”

Philip Kotler

(American Economist and Marketing Specialist)

“To be successful at something we must desire it so intensely that it reaches out and permeates our subconscious.”

Kazuo Inamori

(Founder of technology company Kyocerea, recognized with HC PhD and numerous awards in Marketing)

“I believe that if you have talent and technique you should go ahead on your own and become the master of your own destiny.

George Lucas

(Film producer and famous for the creation of the movie Star Wars)


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