50 Business Ideas Related to Children

The children represent a very attractive market for business for two important reasons: the first because emotions are always involved and the second because little ones always demand innovation.

Hence this list of 50 business ideas related to children which I am sure will help you decide if the company you are looking to start goes down this line.

The important thing before starting your own business is to have an idea. That idea has to be related to something that you like and that you could do with passion almost without them having to pay you.

Other item for your business to be successful is that you know about it or are willing to learn enough to be an expert on the subject.

If children and their environment are an attraction for you, then these 50 ideas will surely be a source of inspiration to start your company:

  1. Painted face service in shopping centers (weekends)
  2. Specialized arts courses: music, theater, dance and / or painting
  3. Child modeling courses
  4. Animation of children’s parties with music show
  5. Services for children’s events: food, snacks, decoration, music
  6. Clothing design for boys and girls
  7. Design and marketing of baby clothes
  8. Sale of carriages and baby walkers
  9. Sale of baby accessories
  10. Puppet and marionette show
  11. Shows for children’s parties with clowns or magicians
  12. Setting up a children’s museum with interesting experiences
  13. Mobile school children’s museum
  14. Specialized tutorials for school reinforcement
  15. Manufacture of piñatas with very creative designs
  16. Pinata & Party Supplies Store
  17. Manufacture of doll houses by hand
  18. Balloon twisting service for children’s parties
  19. Pamper show
  20. Manufacture of children’s bedding
  21. Childcare: nursery
  22. Manufacture of baby cribs
  23. Educational toy design
  24. Entertainment center with electronic games
  25. Assembling a mini-golf
  26. Rent of inflatables and bouncers
  27. Manufacture of very funny stuffed animals
  28. Design of an educational and entertaining school magazine
  29. Hairdresser specialized in children
  30. Children’s library with storytelling and mini-plays
  31. English reinforcement courses for children
  32. Care of children with special abilities
  33. Soccer academy
  34. Manufacture of wooden children’s games such as slides, swings, etc.
  35. Baby Name Information Service
  36. Painting and decoration service for children’s bedrooms
  37. Psychological support services for children and youth of separated parents
  38. Craft courses
  39. Vacation courses or camps
  40. Swimming courses
  41. Bible Courses
  42. Driver education courses
  43. Self defense courses
  44. Sale of consoles and video games
  45. Web directory with information on children’s party services
  46. Web with directory of entertainment venues by age
  47. Cartoonist faces
  48. Costume rental for school activities
  49. Sale of party goodies: cottons, popcorn, hotdogs, chocolate fountains, etc.
  50. Photographs with famous people such as: Barney, Spiderman, Santa Claus, Woody, etc.

I am sure that with this list you will have enough material to be able to plan and of course, many companies are the result of the combination of several of these services.

The good news, as I mentioned at the beginning, is that the children’s market is very lucrative and can represent you very good income. The “bad” news is that, for the same reason, it is a highly competitive market and requires a lot of creativity and constant innovation to keep offering the most attractive products and services.

I invite you to go through the initial page of 1000 Business Ideas where you will find everything you need to start your business and start be your own boss from today.

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    Business Ideas for Older Children ( Ages 13-18) || Business ideas for youth in india || YFT Helps

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