50 Excellent Ideas for Micro-businesses

Many of us are always in search of good ideas to start a business that generates additional income for us. It does not necessarily have to be a large formal company with hundreds of employees, but a micro-entrepreneurship to help us improve our budget.

As I have always said, in this blog we believe that initiative and creativity together can lead to great projects that will undoubtedly put money in your pocket.

So here I share another list of at least 100 great ideas for micro-businesses Among which you will surely find something ideal for your entrepreneurship goals:

  1. Home computer maintenance
  2. Organize tourist tours
  3. Advertising bicycles
  4. Hot dog cart
  5. Car tinting
  6. Web-page design
  7. Cleaning of houses and offices
  8. Pet Daycare for Traveling Owners
  9. Manufacture of stuffed animals
  10. Make and sell cleaning products
  11. Making and selling piñatas
  12. Buying and selling used or second-hand items
  13. Sale of food at home in commercial areas of your area
  14. Write and sell article packs for blogs and magazines
  15. English tutoring
  16. Computer tutorials
  17. Carwash or car wash on weekends
  18. Work as a virtual secretary from home
  19. Animation of children’s parties
  20. Create your own show to promote in shopping malls
  21. Rental of inflatable and jumping games
  22. Party game rental
  23. Mobile disco service for home parties
  24. Organize makeup and grooming clinics
  25. Create a blog and make money selling advertising with Adsense
  26. Daycare or babysitting service (requires license)
  27. He teaches private dance classes
  28. Dog walk
  29. He teaches courses on how to speak in public
  30. Manufacture of curtains to order
  31. Offer consulting via skype on your area of ​​knowledge or specialty
  32. Gunboat rental by the hour for presentations at universities
  33. Internet Classes for Seniors
  34. Provides executive taxi service (private)
  35. Sell ​​advertising on your car per month
  36. Perform document translations
  37. Tutorials in mathematics and other subjects
  38. Produces and markets artisan sweets
  39. Sell ​​scented and decorative candles
  40. Build your musical group and entertain parties and events
  41. Offers flyer service and promotions for companies
  42. Sell ​​errands and messaging services for offices
  43. Become a financial advisor
  44. Makes and sells pet clothing
  45. Create posters with motivational motifs and sell them
  46. Sale of ice cream and slushies
  47. Set up a sale of smoothies and diet and nutritional drinks
  48. Sell ​​pizza by the slice at school events
  49. Open your own jewelry business
  50. Sell ​​nail service at home

How to start?

Actually have the business idea It is the first (and it is usually the easiest). The secret of success is always in the implementation of this idea and that is where it becomes a project.

In this blog you will find a lot of information on how to take the first steps to turn your idea into a business, but essentially you must follow these steps:

  • Make a plan
  • Study who your customers will be and prepare an offer for them
  • Get some initial budget (working capital)
  • Ask experts for advice on what you want to do
  • To take action. Do not stay with the desire.
  • And then work very hard to get your business to take shape and start growing. This translates to: sell, sell and sell.

If you find this list of ideas for micro-businesses interesting, I invite you to share it with someone else and help others improve their income.

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