50 Startup Ideas

50 Startup Ideas

“Ideas are like clay. You take them in your hands, mold them and turn them into true works of art.”

Many people who write to me are looking for that perfect idea that meets their expectations of: achievement, profitability and investment capacity. A idea to undertake It is the spark that with creativity can become a great company.

Today I share with you a varied list of good business ideas that you can start making use of your skills and knowledge.

50 Startup Ideas

  1. Internet Home Installation Advisor
  2. Computer virus removal specialist
  3. Painting of houses and offices
  4. Design a job page on the Internet
  5. Offer covert customer service
  6. Sales Team Trainer
  7. Customer service advisor
  8. Sell ​​alarms and home security systems
  9. Antique shop
  10. Sale and repair of bicycles
  11. Sell ​​jewelry and crafts
  12. Sell ​​perfumes and fragrances
  13. Acquire a snack franchise
  14. Manufacture and sale of cleaning products
  15. Sale of homemade food at home
  16. Sell ​​jewelry
  17. Sell ​​hand-painted t-shirts with creative designs
  18. Trade wooden crafts
  19. Make paintings and sell them to tourists
  20. Create a show for shopping malls
  21. Become a tour guide
  22. Appliance repair
  23. Children’s tutoring service
  24. Courier services
  25. Dance instructor
  26. Teach language courses
  27. Errand services
  28. Resale of used items
  29. Home emergency care (plumbing, electricity, etc.)
  30. House and office cleaning services
  31. Transfer and removal service
  32. Sworn translation services
  33. Garden maintenance and decoration
  34. Making homemade sweets
  35. Cell phone repair
  36. Make pet houses
  37. Sell ​​cell phone accessories
  38. Manufacture and sale of scented candles
  39. Decoration services for weddings and parties
  40. Write a book and sell it
  41. Procedures services for busy people
  42. Create a modeling school
  43. Sell ​​handmade greeting cards
  44. Invent and sell a board game
  45. Create and sell left-handed items
  46. Offers services for disabled or handicapped people
  47. Manufacture of rubber or rubber stamps
  48. Set up a video game console repair shop
  49. Soap manufacturing
  50. Sell ​​Christian and religious items

Of course, each of these 50 startup ideas represents the development of a business plan that allows you to build it.

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