6 Business Ideas No One Has Tried, Yet!

6 Business Ideas No One Has Tried, Yet!

Say a phrase from Mark Twain:
a man with a new idea is crazy until that idea succeeds“. [twittear]

And well, this phrase has a lot of truth because history shows us that many great entrepreneurs have been crossed out as “insane“because they dared to propose some ideas that humanity at the time considered illogical or impossible and that later, over time, became great inventions or great deals.

The examples are innumerable and the lesson that remains for us to learn is that as entrepreneurs we must be more open-minded and instead of thinking, can that be possible? We must transform our mentality to how do I make this possible? [twittear]

Hence today I share some business ideas that no one has tried and that if they fell into the hands of a visionary they could positively transform our world:

1. Breathalyzer detector in each car.
A system that detects the driver’s alcohol level so that if he is drunk, the vehicle does not work, especially useful for public transport vehicles.

The system could even have the number of a relative recorded so that they can automatically request assistance from the site. Can you imagine how many lives would be saved?

2. Supermarket without carts.
For those who hate the long lines of carts in the supermarket, as well as the stress and all the time that is lost in walking the aisles choosing and arranging the products from the pantry.

The solution would be to have a barcode device with which you could choose your products without putting them in carts, in such a way that when you arrive at the checkout, they already have the total of your purchase in their system and out all your products already packed and ready to go.
This could be a premium service that many would pay for without thinking.

3. Headline-only newspaper.
Free newspapers often waste too much paper on news that few people read completely. Most of us only read the headlines so a good idea would be to make newspapers only of headlines or small news summaries so that we inform ourselves only of the most important, thus saving a lot of time and paper.

4. Cyber ​​angel system.
Being able to contract a service through which Internet experts could monitor your children’s social networks, conversations and Internet access for the sole purpose and purpose of informing and protecting them against any possible deception or danger that lurks on the web. All without violating your privacy.

5. Fun candy machines.
Invent machines so that children can buy sweets but with more fun mechanisms that invite challenge and consume. With great creativity they would surely be sold by the thousands.

6. Screens with social networks in gyms.
Usually when you do cardio exercises in the gym like treadmill, bike or elliptical for 30 minutes you just listen to some music or watch TV screens with boring programming.

It would be great to have screens where you could enter your facebook or twitter easily controllable by means of your hands while you exercise. Exercise time would be less tedious. The gym could offer it as an added value for its clients or charge it additionally for those who request it.

As I mentioned at the beginning, these business ideas that no one has tried they could dream crazy but with creativity and ingenuity they could all become excellent business. What is your favorite idea? What other crazy idea could you come up with?

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