6 Cool Machines That Make Money Over and Over

6 Cool Machines That Make Money Over and Over

Imagine a business where you don’t have to go to the office, or work eight hours a day, or invest in high local costs, and that also makes you money every month.

That magnificent business exists and it has to do with investing in certain machines that work for you automatically.

In the middle of the digital age, there are a variety of increasingly intelligent and sophisticated machines that are an extremely profitable option to invest.

The model consists of building a business based on money machines, usually electronic or electromechanical, that are placed in strategic places and that can generate excellent profits since they are very attractive to many people due to the products they offer.

These machines can regularly be purchased very easily and can be the perfect option to start a part-time business without leaving your current job.

1. Gum and Candy Vending Machines

The first cool machine to mention has to do with candy vending machines. These are placed in crowded places where there are especially large numbers of children.

Shopping centers, toy stores, restaurants or hairdressers are ideal places to name just a few.

The product that is marketed through them are candies, gum or small toys which are usually irresistible for children who easily convince parents to toss a coin.

Another great advantage of these vending machines is that they are mechanical and do not use electricity. Maintenance is minimal and the owner’s main job is to regularly check for product and empty the coins.

  • Single machine estimated price: US $ 125
  • Double machine price: US $ 225
  • Quadruple machine price: US $ 400

* Reference prices in US dollars

2. Snack Vending Machines

Another great version for investment are the snack vending machines. The investment is greater since they are larger in size and more sophisticated so the income will also be higher.

These machines are ideal for setting up your business in executive centers, office buildings, universities, sports centers, etc. and they tend to sell regular consumer products such as: sodas, chocolates, juices and cigarettes.

You must take into account that they are electromechanical machines, so if there is electricity consumption that must be considered within the business plan as well as the rent of the space where they are placed.

  • Vending Machine Estimated Price: US $ 2000-5000

Some of these machines can even be obtained in rental plans instead of acquiring them which can be quite convenient at the beginning of your business.

3. Public Telephone Wallets

Public phones never go out of style and are still an excellent inexpensive communication solution for many people.

The business idea consists of investing in coin operated telephone sets to place them in popular places such as stores, markets, stadiums and in any commercial premises that grant the space.

Finally, having a wallet phone is attractive for any merchant as it attracts people to their business premises.

If you consider placing them on public roads, you should consider investing in small cabins and do the pertinent procedures for the municipality of your locality to authorize the installation.

Coin phones are machines that require regular cleaning, minimal maintenance and logistics so that coins are removed regularly to prevent theft and vandalism.

There are fixed line wallet telephones on the market and others that work operated by an internal cellular plant, which is very convenient to relocate them at any time with minimal inconvenience.

  • Wallet phone price: US $ 500 to US $ 1000
  • Simple phone booth price: US $ 300

For this business, it will be essential to have technical personnel who can do preventive and corrective maintenance of the devices that continually demand it due to their use as well as having a stock of spare parts or a supplier that can solve technical problems.

4. Coffee Vending Machines

Nothing more convenient than a coffee vending machine located in the right place.
These machines are perfect for shopping malls, hotels, universities and various places.

Its function consists of dispensing coffee in different modalities and flavors. They require the constant supply of inputs such as sugar, coffee and water.

Large coffee distributors often even offer the machines for rent or in franchise mode.

  • Coffee vending machine price: US $ 1000 to $ 2000

5. Electromechanical Children’s Games

Other machines that produce money and in a very profitable way are usually children’s games machines. There are a variety of models that range from simple swings to trolleys or little trains.

These can be purchased with different local or foreign companies.

The mechanics of the business consists of renting strategic spaces in shopping centers or places with a massive influx of people to place them.

The arcade machines are an ideal attraction for children and work conveniently for you.
Unlike the previous ones, these not only require electricity and maintenance but some of them may require some supervision for operation.

  • Approximate price of electromechanical kit: US $ 600 to $ 3,500

6. Weight and Height Measuring Scales

Ideal for placing them in pharmacies, shopping centers, gyms, these scales are the delight of anyone since they allow anyone to quickly and discreetly measure their weight and height.

They work with electricity, require minimal maintenance since they do not suffer major mechanical wear.

  • Estimated balance price: US $ 1000

Finally I summarize some of the main advantages of investing in machines that work for you:

The Best of Investing in Automatic Machines

  • They do not require human intervention to function
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • They work 24×7 every week throughout the year
  • You can scale your business by investing in more machines
  • They generate permanent income
  • They can be relocated easily and quickly

So what is your favorite machine to invest in?

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