7 Business ideas related to funeral services

Contrary to what it may seem, funeral services They represent an opportunity to meet the immediate needs in difficult times for many families who most want to be cared for with sensitivity and respect.

This is where the details and diversity of options are the key to a lucrative business. Today I share you at least 7 business ideas related to funeral services Among which you will surely find one that could become your best option.

  1. Manufacture of coffins or coffins. This is an ideal business niche for carpenters and wood and metal decorating craftsmen that also allows you to offer different options according to your investment possibilities. The business consists of the production of coffins of different sizes and styles, from the inexpensive ones that sell for under US $ 200 to the most ostentatious ones made in finer woods and special details with prices ranging between US $ 500 and US $ 1000.
  2. Preparation of crowns and flower arrangements. Flowers are still an excellent medium to express emotions and therefore widely used for condolences. The variety is unlimited to provide options to customers and in this business the secret is not only in the creativity to prepare the arrangements but in the ability to prepare and send them with a sense of urgency. The advantage is that these reasons allow them to be sold at excellent prices. Usually a small arrangement ranges between US $ 40-80 and larger ones with special flowers with prices between US $ 100 to US $ 300.
  3. Manufacture of marble and granite headstones. This is a business niche that requires a greater investment for the type of material and specialized preparation that you can learn by taking a course on the subject. Commemorative headstones and plaques are a common requirement for every funeral and of course you can also offer them in a variety of styles and prices. Optionally, if you do not want to dedicate yourself to the manufacture of them, you can consider the option of importing them or becoming a distributor which would also allow you to work the business although with a lower profit margin.
  4. Sale of niches and mausoleums. Niches and mausoleums are properties that can be bought and sold like any other real estate. If you like investments and don’t have enough capital to invest in houses or buildings, cemetery properties are a great starting point. The strategy consists of buying niches at auction that some people sell because they do not need them or because they have an urgent need for money and their prices can range from US $ 300 to $ 500 and that by renovating them they can be easily resold for about US $ 700 to US $ 1000. As in any real estate business you need patience and find the right client.
  5. Choral services for funeral ceremonies. One detail that many love is the possibility of having a choir to accompany the wake. Having a team of people with appropriate clothing and a repertoire of melodies is a detail that is paid. This service can be promoted among funeral homes who can receive a commission in exchange for getting clients and is charged at an average of US $ 100 per hour. It is also key in this business to consider a variety of music since many times the ceremonies are very sensitive according to the religion of the families. A variant of this service is to offer it with classical music.
  6. Cleaning and maintenance of niches and mausoleums. One of the services that can be easier to turn into a business and that are welcomed by many families is the regular cleaning of the place where their loved ones rest. This cleaning can also include renovation and painting when required, change of flowers and can be contracted as a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly service as required. For this, a kind of contract is established by means of which they authorize you to clean the indicated place at the agreed frequency for a price that can range from US $ 10 to US $ 100 per month depending on the size of the place to be kept in perfect condition. Part of the added value of this service would be to take photos before and after the renovation and send them to the main contact via email so they can verify that the service is being performed as offered.
  7. Funeral services for pets. For pet lovers this is a new service that includes the vast majority of services for humans except for paperwork and legalization of documents (among others). It focuses more on the emotional part of lovingly saying goodbye to a beloved pet. From the sale of caskets, flower arrangements, tombstones to a small cemetery, the possibilities to offer it and turn it into a good business are limitless.

Finally we can mention that unusual or specialized services are an excellent source of income to consider such as: coffins for obese people, funeral services in home gardens (a very strong trend currently in the USA), translators for international funerals, transfers between cities, ecological cremations, etc.

Do you have any ideas about it, I’d love to hear from you as a comment.


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