7 Things You Could Be Doing To Make Extra Money Today

For many people this could be a financially difficult month.

The reasons could be innumerable. Financial errors, fortuitous situations, crisis in your country or simply the loss of a job.

Getting out of a crisis is not easy. And less when you have too many worries on your mind.
The best recommendation in cases like these is to occupy instead of worry. A worried mind doesn’t let you think, it doesn’t let you find solutions. Although it may seem contradictory, the first step is to remain calm, take a pencil and paper, and start writing possible alternative solutions.

For that reason, here are 10 ideas of things you could be doing to generate extra money today.

1. Sell some things that you no longer use

At home you will have many things that sometimes we keep with the aim of using them at some point. A moment that rarely comes. So maybe a first way to get some extra dollars is to take out those little-used items that you could sell to your friends and acquaintances.

Some examples: books, electronic devices, video games, jewelry or musical instruments.

2. Host a neighborhood sale

Another practical way to get hold of Extra money is setting up a small business based on a neighborhood sale. You can do this easily and quickly by selling something in your neighborhood or residential area. For example, they could be roasts, natural juices, sandwiches or some other article of interest to people in the sector.

You do not need a large investment and if it is feasible you can request a special permit in a nearby shopping center, plaza or sports areas within your own condominium to carry out this temporary activity that can help you quickly earn additional income.

3. Collect and sell items for recycling

Today there are many materials that are recycled. A good idea is to collect certain types of recyclable products and take them to sell to recyclers.

The job is to find them, gather them and transport them. Plastic bottles and aluminum soda cans are great places to start. Even metal items can also be sold to junkyards.

4. Street artist

And well, if music, artistic drawing, singing or acting are your thing. You can put on a small show that will be very well received especially in certain tourist places where you can surely have a good Extra money if you are willing to dedicate a few hours for this activity.

In certain cases you will need to apply for permits or pay a fee to use a public space, but these costs are usually minimal compared to what you could earn with this activity.

5. Sell digital products online

The Internet is a huge source of income. Another interesting alternative for generate extra money Starting today would be to sell online courses through the affiliate marketing system. In this post I explain what affiliate marketing is, how it works and how you can take advantage of it to generate income online.

You usually earn 50% commission or more per sale of each course and there are hundreds of topics to choose from according to your own interests.

The first step of course is to document yourself, learn and begin to build a strategy to market them. Nothing you can’t learn in a few hours. So here I leave you a couple of samples of courses that you could market from today to get a good income:

6. Sell your consulting services

Everybody is an expert in something. And everywhere there is someone in need of an expert to help them solve something. So a good way to earn money it is quickly promoting your services as an advisor or consultant.

For this you can use social networks as your friends are the first who might be interested or help you promote yourself with someone who does need your services. Prepare an hourly rate that you could even offer outside of your city using Skype (payment can be by transfer).

Today this is a formidable method of reaching other people in a remote way.

7. Sell your services on Fiverr

If you are a graphic designer, web programmer, broadcaster, translator or cartoonist. There are hundreds of ways you can turn your profession or talent into money using .. Here you can offer certain specific services for $ 5, $ 10 or even $ 20 for each job and there are thousands of people looking for services of this kind on the Internet.

In this post I explain more about this system so that you can consider it and start generating extra money to let off steam in these first months of the year.

Tell me what you think of these business ideas.

More ideas to start:

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    7 Legit Ways To Make Extra Money Today (Income Stream Anyone Can Start)