70+ Ingenious Inventions to Turn Into Business

Finding innovative solutions to common problems can become the best business. In fact, we know that many of the big enterprises They began precisely by looking for a way to solve the primary needs of individuals and peoples.

Marco Espona Camps is one of the blog’s regular readers. Is a ingenious inventor which has to its credit more than 70 inventions with high commercial potential, of which it has already patented a pair in Spain.

Marco is interested in find investment partners who wish to know and commercialize some of their inventions so today I would like to share with you this interesting and useful information in this regard. Some examples:

Highway Safety Fence and Bracket
The fence and road safety support system can also be applied on high competition circuits by means of individual modules. Circuits of Kars with the same procedure of the circuits of high competition. The model is also applicable on ski slopes.

The application formats of the models have more than 400 different variants. The photo and drawing you see are an orientation not the actual definition.

Security Ladder at both Industrial and Private Level

The safety ladder model has a wide application in all areas and is applicable at an industrial level, home user and very convenient for fire trucks.

Others Ingenious inventions by Marco Espona
Note: For intellectual property protection only a summary list is published and a brief description of the invention is mentioned. If you are interested and want detailed information at the end of the post, the data and requirements to contact the inventor directly appear.


  • Universal platform for ladder rungs
  • Home level safety ladder
  • Multifunctional trench shovel
  • Crop protection system for inclement weather
  • Street light with zero cost of energy maintenance and reduced cost of repairs
  • Manhole cover with indestructible slab surface
  • Crutch Innovation
  • Innovation car doors


  • Domestic waste superconcentrator bin
  • Tattoo artist
  • Household oil accumulator
  • Box for electrical tubes
  • Retaining wall for natural catastrophes
  • Nail polish
  • Shelving furniture innovation
  • Toilet paper innovation


  • Recovery of potability by natural means of waters in rivers.
  • Systems for the non-flooding of river materials in populations.


  • System for the non-loss of temperature in the tires once heated.
  • Snow clearing system on roads.

Records and Contact

The first two inventions described are formally registered in the Register of Patents and Trademarks in Spain and Geneva (WIPO).

In Marco’s words: “To find out more than the remaining 70 models, an interview must be requested and a confidentiality document signed to protect the inventor, since some of them have unimaginable global scope in the goals to be achieved, both industrially. as financially. “

If you are interested in do business, you can contact the inventor:
Marco Espona Marc
inventitos@hotmail.es o ..
Telephone contacts (34) 666789075 or (34) 972703839

Note: This is only a 1000 Ideas de Negocios collaboration and support service and we have no direct relationship or involvement of any kind with the inventor. All business interests must be made directly with the inventor and not through the 1000 Business Ideas blog.

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