8 Business Ideas For Cartoonists

8 Business Ideas For Cartoonists

Did you know that Quino, the renowned creator of Mafalda, wandered the streets of Buenos Aires in 1954 looking for a job in the newsrooms of newspapers and magazines?

Did you know that the magazine “This is“He published his first page of graphic humor and from then until today his humorous drawings continue to be published in countless newspapers and magazines around the world?

This post is aimed especially at those people who have always liked to draw since they were children. Those that are capable of capturing beautiful and incredible comic or artistic images on a sheet of paper. Those privileged few with the gift of drawing who need some business idea to monetize your wonderful talent.

If you are one of them, here are 8 business ideas for cartoonists Surely, they will open your mind to a world of opportunities that you do not want to miss and that will allow you to earn money, while doing what you are most passionate about in life.

1. Newspaper and Magazine Cartoonist

The written media always like to include as part of their regular content some comic image that gives their readers a touch of good taste. So if you have the ability to caricature and you add a good dose of creative humor related to an everyday situation in your area, then you can offer your work to these kinds of companies.

2. Portrait artist

The ability to take portraits can be highly valued. Fairs, exhibitions, and entertainment venues where people circulate patiently are often the most appropriate for someone to take an interest in your work. Choose if your portraits will be realistic or if they will be caricature type and try to refine your technique to be able to make a good portrait in a short time.

That is part of the secret. Nobody likes to wait 2 hours for a portrait even if you are the best draftsman.

3. Create your own Comics magazine

This of course is a more serious and complete project that requires a different budget since developing a magazine involves more than just drawing. It has to do with the edition, printing and sale of it, but it is an effort that can eventually be a very profitable business. See: The Business of Print Magazines.

4. Illustrator for video games (Renders)

If a multi-million dollar industry is looking for talent today, it is video games. So if you are interested in entering this lucrative world, it is convenient that you take some courses and specialize in 3D animation since this is usually a professional career. Many universities in fact already include in their careers the option of being able to study these subjects that are of great interest to illustrators.

5. Online T-shirt Design

This is an interesting business for cartoonists which consists of developing custom designs for t-shirts where people can send you their design or choose one from your own design catalog so that you can print it, and then send the t-shirt by mail. It is a relatively simple business that you can develop from home.

6. Greeting Card Maker

Greeting cards for special occasions sell by the thousands and people prefer the most attractive and creative designs. So you could design a set of preppy cards and sell them to gift shops and supermarkets for marketing.

7. Drawings to Order on Fiverr

Fiverr is the world’s largest platform for feelance workers. You can open an account there today and start attracting clients who may be interested in your work as a designer, cartoonist or illustrator. Whatever your specialty, you can take advantage of your talent to make yourself known and that people from all over the world can apply for your jobs.

On fiverr everything costs five dollars (minimum). But if you do, say, about three jobs a day then we would be talking about you billing about $ 100 to $ 150 per week. Not bad to start. The secret to making . a good business it is punctuality, establishing clear conditions regarding what you offer and above all good communication.

8. Line Creators Market

Line is the instant messaging application that allows you to earn money as an image designer for its users.

It’s actually pretty straightforward. The first thing you need is to register as a creator in LCM and then send your sticker set to the LINE team. If your work is of good quality and is approved by the editors, then you will be paid for it. See more here.

How to start your business as a cartoonist

Create your portfolio

The first and most important thing is to always be prepared with a good portfolio of your work. Make sure to properly present your designs as this is your best cover letter. It is also convenient to include as part of it, letters of recommendation from your satisfied clients who can recommend you as a serious, accomplished and highly professional person as this is of great value for those who hire your work beyond the artistic.

Create a website

Complementary to the above, it is always convenient to have your portfolio on the Internet, where you can show off your designs more widely. Create a website or preferably a blog where you can talk about what you do and show the world how good you are. A well-designed blog can attract a lot of potential customers.

Work on your personal brand

Finally, don’t forget to work on building a personal brand that distinguishes you from others. What makes you different? What makes you better? Design your own logo and use it in all your work. Your name will eventually be synonymous with creativity, professionalism and good taste. That is personal branding.

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