9 Ideas To Generate Income If You Are Unemployed

Being unemployed is a difficult condition.

On the one hand you have the pressure of having to find a job again and on the other hand that of meeting your current financial obligations such as rent, food and services.

In this post I share some tips to handle this crisis and some good ideas to generate income if you are unemployed.

To start, the first and most important thing is to handle the psychological part. Yes, that part of your mind that torments you and that usually prevents you from thinking clearly. It is not for less because as time passes, anguish, despair and even depression can take hold of the person who is unemployed and prevent him from seeing clearly.

Hence, if you can manage the mental part of the problem more effectively, then you can make better decisions and find solutions that help you solve and improve your situation in general.

Tips To Manage The Crisis If You Are Unemployed

Stop blaming yourself

Whatever the reason that led you to unemployment, it happened, period. Stop punishing yourself by blaming yourself and feeding a negative feeling that does not benefit you at all. Accept once and for all that you cannot go back in time or change anything. Get rid of that feeling of guilt, regain your strength and get ready to start again. This will take a lot of weight off your shoulders.

Improve your attitude

If you adopt a depressed or defeatist posture. Nobody will want to hire you. People want people with a great attitude, positive and willing to work for their companies. Stop playing with depressing and negative thoughts. Read a good book, meet positive people who encourage you, and improve your overall attitude. That will open doors for you faster than you imagine.

Do not settle

Being unemployed is not bad. Many of us have been through it. Settling in, yes it is. Especially if you have a temporary fund or you received some money as a work liability, you run the risk of settling down and thinking that you are on vacation.
Nothing further from reality. If you have a fund, make the most of it to maintain energy and enthusiasm and put yourself back in a job instead of waiting until you find yourself in a real financial crisis.

Reinvent yourself

Take your focus back. Make a plan, decide what you want to do and how you are going to sell that best version of yourself. Take a business course, a seminar or educate yourself in that specialty you’ve always dreamed of. Jim Rohn already said:

Work more on yourself than on your job“.

That said, now, let’s get into the topic that concerns us most.

Ideas To Generate Income If You Are Unemployed

one. Food ventures. If you have some skills to make food, snacks or you have someone close to partner with, then you can organize different food businesses to immediately start generating some income. Whether it’s for events, to sell at nearby offices, trade shows, or in many ways, food businesses are great to start quickly.

2. Technical services. On the other hand, if your strength is technical jobs, computing and computing, then you can offer your technical assistance services. I assure you that there are many people who need to improve their computers, clean them of viruses, install some new software or simply give them some general preventive maintenance. Prepare some flyers and business cards and distribute them in the neighborhood.

3. He drew. If you have a talent for drawing or graphic design, on . you will find a huge source of jobs that you can offer without leaving home using only your laptop and an Internet connection.

Four. Freelance jobs. Similar to the above, there are places on the web like ., where you can find freelance job offers for article writers. This is ideal for people who like to write on various topics. They usually pay you between $ 2 to $ 5 per article of about 500 words depending on the quality of the article.

5. Little shows. If you have artistic skills such as singing or playing an instrument, you could prepare a repertoire or small musical show and sell it to a shopping center to entertain the weekends.

6. Teach courses on your specialty. What is your professional preparation or your experience? You can turn that into a course and you will surely find many interested in learning about it. You must prepare an agenda, some promotional items or advertise it on Facebook at fairly affordable prices. You will occupy your time and generate a good $$.

7. Sell ​​some used items. Trading used goods can bring in some good bucks right away to pay off credit card bills (for example) and help you free up valuable space at home. You can organize a garage sale or consult here some businesses that can be done through the sale of used items.

8. Catalog sales. Multilevel or network marketing businesses abound. There are different kinds and most of them are based on catalog product sales. These businesses are usually excellent because in addition to providing you with technical training and constant motivation, they allow you to easily access their product lines that can be marketed practically immediately with your relatives, neighbors and acquaintances. Here are some tips to increase catalog sales.

9. Repairs. Do you know how to repair bicycles, car engines, electrical appliances or any other device? Offer your services, advertise, and people will start calling. These are basic services that will keep you busy, release pressure, and generate a few dollars to pay off commitments.

One final tip

Remember that the most important thing during this stage of crisis is your creativity. If you are unemployed, don’t limit yourself or let fear or shyness keep you from getting ahead. Crises are for that, to bring out the best that you have inside and that only comes out when we are put to the test based on great pressure.

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    What To Do If You're BROKE and UNEMPLOYED in 2021

And of course, create your profile on Linkedin and keep looking for job opportunities by sending resumes that something will come soon to move forward. Successes in everything!

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