Added Value and Your Clients Will Come Back Again and Again

Added Value and Your Clients Will Come Back Again and Again

In previous posts we have talked about the enormous importance of implementing a value added strategy in your business and how this can represent the difference between medium income or large profits.

Why? Well, very simple. We all like to get something “extra” for our money. We love that our expectations are exceeded.

So, imagine for example, if you plan to invest $ 100 pesos in X product and at the time of making your purchase, it turns out that you also get some additional benefit, speed and a smile. That’s called added value, and only then:

  • you will be more than satisfied
  • you will feel that your money is worth more
  • you’ll be more open to buying from the same place next time
  • You will not have any reservation in recommending this business to your acquaintances

So the benefits of providing added value there are many and will keep your customers coming back to your business again and again.

Today I share with you a list of tips and ideas to provide added value. Remember, however, that you will surely have to invest some extra dollars in the implementation of this strategy that should return with the respective benefits, in such a way that in the equation, you always come out winning.

  • Image of your local. Customers prefer to shop in places that look good, pleasing to the eye, and clean. The image of your company is decisive.
  • Image of your collaborators. People value the good presentation of who attends them, the neatness and the good treatment
  • Monitor the service. Many clients greatly appreciate the mere fact that a supervisor comes over to ask if they are being served well. It is a simple detail but it adds enormous value to our business
  • Gifts to children. If your business has to do with children or if it is frequented by ladies accompanied by their children, it is always convenient to give a gift to the little ones, even if they are not the main customer. This attracts attention and makes the relationship with your client more pleasant. Candies or balloons are ideal for this purpose
  • Speed ​​of service. The best value added What you can offer is prompt and careful attention. In fact, the speed to obtain what we want is usually a decisive factor when buying. See: home delivery.
  • Post sale call. Another ideal action for sales of cars, houses, machinery or appliances, for example, is the call to the customer a few days after the sale. Just asking if everything is okay and still risking a claim gives the customer a tremendous sense of appreciation for their money.
  • The magic word. If we all value something, it is that they thank us for our visit, our purchase, our preference, our wait and our recommendation. Saying “thank you” can make a difference.

Examples of Implementation of Value Added Actions

  • Food business. For consumption, deliver a candy along with the bill or some dessert.
  • Mechanical workshop. When providing services or repairs, deliver the washed cars.
  • Gas stations. For fuel consumption: glass cleaning, checking the air in the tires.
  • Computer sale. Offers the first free maintenance cleaning per year and one month of free phone advice.
  • Medical clinic. Offer your clients a free guide to improving their overall health regardless of the specific treatment you are providing.
  • Dentist. You can give your clients (especially children) the extracted tooth in a special packaging (for the tooth mouse).
  • Sale of flats. A brochure with ideas and ideal combinations for decorating your home.
  • The taxi driver. That plays nice music. Whose taxi smells good and who gets out to open the door for their customers.
  • Restaurants. Have live music, a special area with games for children.
  • Hardware stores. Offer free installation on the purchase of certain products.
  • Curio shops. Offer gift packaging at no additional cost.

How to start

The first steps for implementation have to do with analyze the specific processes of your business to determine the key points where a value added strategy. Then, it is necessary to make a budget that allows us to determine how much to invest in said strategy and a projection of the benefits to be obtained in the short, medium and long term.

Finally remember, there is a big difference between offer added value and give something as compensation for bad service. If you give your client something that exceeds their expectations then you will achieve satisfaction and pleasure. On the contrary, if your service is deficient it is more convenient to focus all efforts on improving it instead of trying to “disguise” it with gifts as the final effect could be negative.

Plus ideas to improve your business:

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