Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my potential clients about a project Social Media for your business. It was a big company so I thought that there would be no major obstacles for them to accept my proposal.

To my surprise, when I was talking to one of the Managers he said: “After some considerations we have come to the conclusion that for the moment, we do not want to be on social networks“.

What will be the reason for such a decision ?, argue.

Everything seems attractive to us and we know that it could contribute a lot to the marketing issue for the company, but sincerely we are afraid of what customers may say about us and especially about our deficiencies in the service we provide …“. – he told me.

And this kind of response only reflects one of the biggest fears that companies experience today, probably due to a lack of information about how social networks really work and how it can benefit their businesses if a proper strategy is followed.

Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

Much is said about social networks and how they have become part of our modern life to a greater or lesser extent. Some people have no greater interest in social communities on the Internet and others cannot stop interacting with them, at all times, in all places.

It’s an effect of virtual behavior that experts are just beginning to understand.
However that may be, for the purpose at hand, we must think like entrepreneurs and see beyond our noses.

We must be prepared to do things differently than “we always have“And in that sense, whether we like it or not, we should be open to learning more about the subject and even becoming experts.

And the reason is more than simple: there is no backtracking. Social networks are here to stay and sooner or later we have to be part of these changes that technology subtly imposes on us (although sometimes not so subtly …) and the sooner the better.

1. Customer loyalty

Social networks are a wonderful way to retain your customer because they allow them to identify with your brand or your company to the point of following and promoting it without having to pay for it. You will discover how powerful a satisfied customer can be and its enormous influence on their contacts for the benefit of your business.

2. Maintain direct contact

Nothing is more effective than social networks to maintain direct contact with your client who will be able to regularly see your publications about promotions, new products, launches, and special activities among others. You can also make specific inquiries about availabilities, prices and any other questions you have, right at the time of interaction.

3. Increase in income

If you develop communities that grow over time, they will attract their circles of friends, with the benefit that sooner or later they will become your customers and therefore your sales will also grow.

4. Very convenient cost / benefit ratio

Probably one of the greatest benefits of social media is its low cost. With very little investment you can achieve exceptional results in terms of communication and attracting new clients. Even if you want to invest in marketing campaigns, these can be very effective compared to advertising campaigns in other conventional media.

5. Expanding your market

If today you have a local market, surely through social networks you will be able to access markets in other countries that you could not access so easily before and without the high advertising costs that doing it through other means represents. You will also reach another profile of people, more professional and technical, and who can also become your clients.

6. You become an authority in the market

If you position yourself on the Internet as an authority on a subject, surely your markets will expand at the speed of light (or almost!). Believe it or not, people are still hungry for solutions to their daily problems and if they find that figure in your organization, then your circles of followers will grow even more.

7. Opportunity to improve your level of customer service

Unlike the client I mentioned at the beginning of this post, you will have the enormous opportunity to get feedback from your clients about the service you are currently providing them.

Do you know today if your salespeople are doing their best job? And what about your dependents? They are doing a great job or just while you supervise them? So if a customer makes a complaint, thank him and offer that you will take it into consideration to improve the service in your business. That’s already a big first step in the process.

8. You can do surveys with immediate results

Surveys are great tools to measure our work. But doing them is quite complicated by conventional means. So good news. Carrying out surveys to your followers through social networks is very practical, simple and free!

Do you want to know their opinion on a particular product? Do you want to measure the acceptance of a brand? You can do it in a short time and very efficiently.

Thus, the benefits of social media for your business are innumerable, I invite you to start reading more on the subject and documenting what you need to know to immerse your business in the fascinating world of social networks and get the most out of them. .

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