Best Business Ideas for Young College Students

Best Business Ideas for Young College Students


During the university study period there are those who have the full support of their parents not only for study materials and tuition but also for other types of recreational and entertainment activities.

However, that is a minority since the vast majority of university students seek different ways to pay for their studies and not depend 100% on their families.

This means that students are in constant search of practical and accessible business ideas that will help them maintain their careers without neglecting the most important thing: their studies.

If you are one of them, today I share with you a compilation of the best ideas to undertake, ideal for university students that can be done part-time and that will be the perfect financial complement for your career.

20 Entrepreneurship for young university students

  1. Purchase and sale of used items. You buy and resell what others no longer use or you buy in ebay auctions and resell in your city obtaining a profit margin on each sale.
  2. Make jewelry. You can make pieces of handmade jewelry (costume jewelery) at night and sell your products during the periods between classes.
  3. House cleaning or other cleaning businesses in general. Everywhere there is demand for cleaning services for offices or houses and you can generate some income per day.
  4. House painting: A service that is always in demand. You will need some basic tools such as brushes, rollers, and buckets.
  5. Tour guide. If you are residing in a foreign city that you already know and use the language well, you can become a guide in your free time or on weekends. An interesting, attractive idea and where you can always meet new people.
  6. Make cleaning products. Artisan cleaning products are highly successful because they can be made part-time and marketed in the neighborhood or even on the college campus. With a good product preparation manual you can achieve wonders.
  7. Small show business. Shows always make good money even if they are small. If you have artistic skills and a lot of creativity, this may be your option.
  8. Encourage children’s parties on weekends. You can create a routine to entertain the little ones and use your idle hours to offer your services.
  9. Childcare. Everywhere you will find families who need hourly childcare services either for work or because they need to attend to different business activities.
  10. Elderly care. Similar to the previous idea, many people demand the accompaniment of older people.
  11. Provide specialized tutoring. You are very skilled at certain study topics in which other students may need support, so here you have another opportunity to generate income.
  12. Gymnastics instructor. Many gyms in the area require hourly instructors to teach classes. It can be at night or in the morning.
  13. Create your own blog, work it at night and earn money from advertising with Google Adsense.
  14. Give basic computer courses for the elderly with topics such as Internet, Office or social networks.
  15. Car wash at home. Ideal for business executives who don’t have time to go to the carwash.
  16. Food sales. Food is and will always be an attractive business that can be exploited in interesting ways in many ways.
  17. Start a vending machine business, vending and win on automatic.
  18. Tattoo and piercing business. Very popular and eye-catching for college age youth.
  19. College cafeteria. Certainly a business that requires more assembly and more investment. You can rent a space inside the buildings and hire staff to attend.
  20. Mystery customer service for businesses.


As you can see, all these business ideas can be implemented by young students and they have two great advantages:

  • They do not require a large investment of money
  • They do not absorb large amounts of time


That allows entrepreneurs to easily implement them and start generating income in the short term. Basically you need to dedicate a few hours to learning to know everything related to each idea.

In addition, if you make a good plan and work with passion, they can generate the extra income you need to sustain your university studies.

What is the one that most caught your attention?

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