Bookstore and Stationery: A Beautiful, Easy and Profitable Business

Bookstore and Stationery: A Beautiful, Easy and Profitable Business

If you are looking for a nice, easy to operate and profitable business, I suggest you consider a bookstore and stationery store. Today I tell you everything you need to know to plan this business.

Nice Business

To begin with, we can say that this is a beautiful business because it is based on a very noble task such as providing school and office supplies for daily use that are required in schools and colleges.

It is a clean, orderly business that basically requires 2 elements to be successful: assortment and good service.

Easy Business

It can also be said that it is an easy business to set up and operate because you will regularly have specialized wholesale distributors that provide you with all the required product inventory and who also advise and train you to properly set up and stock your library.

As for the operation, you will basically need to organize your product very well and have friendly staff to take care of the dispatch.

Profitable business

It is known to all that a bookstore located in a good location, close to a school, college or office area can be very profitable. And if we add to that the possibility of implementing some complementary services such as photocopying, binding, text lifting, etc., then you have a very promising business on your hands.

Of course, just to say that it is an easy business does not really imply that it builds itself. I clarify for that of the misunderstandings !!

An easy business really tries to say that compared to other types of good businesses it does not have a high degree of complexity for its assembly and operation and this makes it ideal for housewives or people who wish to become independent and generate their own income.

Advantages of a Bookstore and Stationery

  • You can start small and grow gradually
  • Requires minimal investment to start
  • Although there are low seasons, in general this business is in high demand throughout the year
  • It is an ideal business to attract schoolchildren and office workers
  • The product is usually noble and of regular consumption
  • It has high potential due to its geographical location

Market Type

Basically we are talking about a small / medium bookstore which makes the potential customer for it the retail consumer. Your client will be the child, the young schoolboy, the mother, the secretary or anyone who works in a nearby office.

This is unlike wholesale distributors bookstores that are based on another concept that we will touch on in another post.

Recommended Complementary Services

  • Photocopied
  • Applications and reductions
  • Bound
  • Raised text
  • Internet access
  • Laser printing
  • Color prints

In the 2nd. part of this post you can see the business plan for a bookstore and stationery.

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