Business Contacts

One of the determining factors for small business success is to have the business contacts correct.

Having good contacts can mean lower costs, access to better services, expanding into new markets or expanding your customer base.

So thinking as always of providing support tools to the thousands of entrepreneurs who visit this blog, we have decided to launch this section of Business Contacts (B2B) where you can find many and interesting offers of business contacts as well as publish your own offer totally free. Offer that will be seen by more than 100,000 entrepreneurs every month. Imagine what this means!

We are sure that this base will be very useful for improve your business. Please read on to learn about the rules for posting contacts and proceed to register your company or business.

In this section you can publish everything related to: service proposals, buying and selling of companies, investor search, search for investment proposals, franchises, distributions, events and news, Product catalogs, resources for companies, etc.

To publish your company, business or service offer you only have to access the comments area at the end of this post with the following information:

  • Your name or name of your company
  • Type of service or product you offer
  • Business sector of your activity
  • City Country
  • Contact details: telephone (s), email, website, physical address, postal box

It is important that your data is in Spanish and that it is very clear and concise so that your offer is effective. All publications will be subject to moderation and it is also important that you consider the following rules:

  • Preferably you should be the business owner for it to be published
  • Duplicate ads or posts will not be accepted
  • No announcements will be multilevel business The Network Marketing companies (unless you are the owner of the system)
  • Publications with incomplete, false, misleading or fraudulent information will not be accepted
  • Offers that use inappropriate language or descriptions will not be posted
  • Offers of illegal or dubious products will not be published
  • We reserve the right not to publish or remove any publication without explanation.
  • Each person is responsible for the information they publish and for directly serving those who request it. business information

Furthermore, since this section will be specific for the publication of Business Contacts:

  • We will not respond to questions or direct inquiries of any kind
  • 1000 Business Ideas will not act as an intermediary for requests for information, they should be directed directly to the commercial contact

Remember, thousands of entrepreneurs and small businesses will see your commercial offer every month, so if you are ready to publicize your business and find the best strategic partners in your city, enter your information here.


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