Business Ideas: Urgent Orders

Business Ideas: Urgent Orders

Has any of these situations happened to you?

  • Today your electricity bill is due and you do not have enough time to make the payment
  • You have to send a written quote to a potential client but you don’t feel very good and it has to be now
  • You need to ship a replacement vehicle today to a customer who lives across town and that would consume a few valuable hours
  • You have an important meeting tonight and you didn’t go to the laundry for your suit
  • You need a fast food order from a restaurant that doesn’t have delivery service

If so, welcome to the world of urgent needs where we have to solve against time.

The solution: An urgent errand agency that for a few pesos will send a motorcycle courier to your home or office to bring the package or document you need to send and in a matter of a few hours (or minutes) it will be delivered in the hands of whoever it is. must receive.

Never before has this type of service been so convenient due to its excellent cost / benefit ratio.

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Advantages of this Service for Clients:

  • They save valuable time
  • They do not neglect their activities
  • Expand your service possibilities
  • Pay your bills on time
  • Serve more customers
  • They do not have to have a hired courier on their payroll
  • You don’t have to buy a motorcycle or deal with its maintenance

So if you are looking for a practical and convenient business ideaYou can consider setting up your own express errand business or also known in some places as cadet.

What does it take to start the business?

If you have a vehicle, be it a motorcycle or a car, then you can start this business personally today by running errands on your own and managing it from the comfort of your home.

A motorcycle is, of course, more convenient due to its mobility and economy advantages, which guarantees faster service delivery and better cost.

You will need, among other things, a cell phone so that your clients can locate you and request the service, an agenda and an order form to keep track of the requirements.

And of course your invoices to be able to extend to your client. The latter is very important because many residential clients may not have as much problem with not issuing an invoice but the corporate client will require it.

The errand strategy

The secret of success for this business idea is to ensure the availability of the service because regularly when someone needs to send something it will almost always be because it is already urgent and they need it on the same day or in a matter of hours.

Hence, it is convenient to keep a careful schedule of your requirements in order to efficiently serve your clients and not commit to an errand if you do not have the possibility of fulfilling it in the required time.

Performing services in a punctual, responsible and economical manner are the success of the business. Although it does not necessarily have to be a cheap service, on the contrary, most people do not have reserve to pay well if they know that your service will relieve them of the annoyance and stress of having to run to perform an urgent errand.

It is very important to have purchase orders in order to clearly record the data of who sends and the sender. Especially the addresses, telephone numbers and names as this will prevent you from wasting too much time and fuel in locating the delivery point.

Services to provide in the business

  • quick errands
  • formalities
  • service payments
  • charges
  • parcels
  • Bank deposits

Business costs

The main costs to consider are:

  • Fuel (if it’s a motorcycle even better)
  • Maintenance of your vehicle
  • Depreciation of your vehicle
  • Feeding
  • Accident insurance (convenient)
  • Paying for your cell phone
  • Protective equipment (helmet, glasses, gloves etc.)
  • Briefcase

How do you publicize your errand business? – Marketing

Advertising for this business doesn’t have to be that expensive. Especially nowadays it is very easy to implement a social media advertising strategy that helps you attract your first customers. After that word of mouth recommendations will be your best promotion.

You can have a page on the Internet with the description of your services which is very easy to implement. You can create your own website in just 30 minutes and for free as we explain here.


The rate for service must be prepared by you, taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Schedule. An errand in peak hours is not the same as in hours or days with less traffic.
  • Distances. A determining factor. You could establish some ranges by distance or by area which in turn establishes the action limits of your services.
  • Weight. It is not the same rate for an envelope as for a small package or a large and fragile one.
  • Errand complexity. For example, a service payment can represent a long line, which you can also consider in your prices. Or when you need to go to two points to complete the task you can charge a double rate.

The average rates per order considering these factors range between $ 5 and $ 10 dollars or you can offer packages for a certain number of services per month which is convenient for companies and also for your business.

Final Considerations
It is also very important that your client is clear about the scope and limits of your service. This in order to avoid unnecessary claims. Therefore it is convenient that your service order form (which is actually a service contract) is clear about all these clauses.

As for growth, if the business is doing well and demand increases, you can grow by hiring a couple of couriers that you can coordinate and do the physical work of the deliveries.

You will surely find many housewives, small businesses, shops, doctors, lawyers, and many people interested in an errand agency like yours.

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