Business Without Leaving Home

Business Without Leaving Home

Many experts define the perfect business as the one that meets these 5 important characteristics:

  • Minimum investment and risk
  • Prompt and substantial return of utility
  • That allows you to have free time
  • No bosses, no schedules, and no expensive offices
  • That generates long-term and residual income

But if to those characteristics, we add the possibility that it is a entrepreneurship without leaving home, then we are quite close to the entrepreneurial dream.

In this post, we offer you a list of basic business ideas more attractive to do from the comfort of your home and that with a dose of ingenuity, discipline and effort, will represent great personal and economic satisfaction.

15 business ideas without leaving home

  1. Consultancies of All Kinds (accounting, computing, cooking, nutrition). Professional consultancies allow you to generate extra income by dedicating a few hours a week even meeting people at home.
  2. Clinics (medical, dental, beauty salons). If you have a specialty, set up your clinic at home and attend at the most convenient hours for you. You will see how soon your business flourishes.
  3. Custom Courses (computing, painting, dance, mechanics). You can also teach tailored courses to individual people. They pay you by the hour and you decide how to manage your time.
  4. Data Digitization (forms, documents, data maquila). An unusual service but in high demand. You make yourself known on the Internet and you provide the service that you can perfectly work from home. You only need a laptop, WiFi and a printer.
  5. Call center agent (customer service, telemarketing). Nowadays, the telemarketing service is in high demand and many companies are willing to hire you using your own telephone, internet and resources from home because it represents less costs for them in offices and facilities. Start your business today by preparing yourself as a call center agent.
  6. Online sales and services (import of articles, design of web pages). E-commerce is certainly what is today. You can import items and sell them through your own e-commerce site, thus generating an excellent additional income.
  7. Blogs (design, writing, marketing). A blog can be a profitable business especially if writing is your strength. Get started today and build your own blog step by step.
  8. Graphic design (mockups, logos, designs). If your passion is design and you have the work tools, promote your services and you will soon have a variety of requests from interested clients.
  9. Photography (events, touch-ups). Photography is getting better valued. A very exciting business idea is to specialize in this wonderful world and sell your services as a photographer or your own photographic works.
  10. Video edition (filming, professional editing, family videos). Other business with demand is video editing. With the rise of the Internet and social networks, more and more companies require editors for their materials. Create your portfolio and get started today.
  11. Secretary or Virtual Office. Give value to your secretarial services by implementing the virtual secretary service. Dedicate a few hours from home and your clients will be delighted.
  12. Promotion and Sale of Real Estate. Real estate developers make a lot of money and spend their free hours doing this. It is not necessarily an activity from home but all the administrative work is done here, so we include it because it is a very profitable business idea.
  13. Sales by Catalog or Multilevel. Another interesting business that you can set up with few resources and without leaving home is a network marketing business. Organize your presentations, invite your friends and start building some extra income today.
  14. Online Capitation (Internet courses). If something generates residual income today it is online training. Build your own platform, support yourself with YouTube and start turning your knowledge into money.
  15. Food Preparation and Sale. Selling food has always been an excellent business. If you have a taste for good cuisine, turn your talent into an interesting business without leaving home. You cook and sell your food in the neighborhood.
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