Cleaning Related Business Ideas

Cleaning Related Business Ideas

Within the range of alternatives that exist for start a small business, are they cleaning related businesses.

And it is that the demand for cleaning services is quite high in its different forms since most of the time it has to do with important tasks that the most “busy” people do not want or do not have the time to do. You can start with domestic cleaning to minimize investment costs and gradually grow until you offer commercial and industrial cleaning services.

So with proper planning you can set up your own service company in a short time and for this, today I share at least 40 business ideas related to cleaning so that you can choose the one that best suits your investment purposes and at the end I give you some tips to better exploit your business:

Domestic Services

  1. General house cleaning
  2. Window cleaning in residences
  3. Pool cleaning
  4. Carpet washing
  5. Car wash
  6. Tank tank cleaning
  7. Garbage collection services
  8. Deep cleaning of bathrooms and tiles
  9. Gardening
  10. Roof cleaning
  11. Washing and ironing clothes
  12. Deep cleaning services (occasional on request)

Commercial or Industrial Services

  1. Window cleaning in buildings
  2. Hospital cleaning
  3. Office cleaning
  4. Carpet washing
  5. Park cleaning
  6. Cleaning of rooms for events (pre and post event)
  7. Church cleaning
  8. Hospital and sanatorium laundry
  9. Stadium cleaning (pre and post event)
  10. Cleaning and paving roads and ditches
  11. Transfer of toxic waste (hospitals and sanatoriums)
  12. Cleaning of cages in zoos and tourist centers
  13. Cleaning and polishing floors
  14. Furniture and upholstery washing
  15. High volume washing of uniforms
  16. Graffiti Removal Specialist
  17. Bad odor removal services
  18. Blind repair
  19. Curtain wash
  20. Cleaning of escalators and automatic stairs
  21. Tank tank cleaning
  22. Garbage collection services
  23. Garden decoration and cleaning
  24. Washing of fleets of cars

Other Services Related to Cleaning

  • Soap manufacturing
  • Manufacture of disinfectants
  • Housekeeping agency by day, week or month
  • Rental of portable toilets

Modalities of your Services

  • Regular service or on request
  • Quick application, the faster you charge the better
  • Frequency: occasional, daily, weekly, monthly, occasional
  • Required job specialization

Very Important Details

  • Use of appropriate uniforms preferably that identify your company
  • Hire very reliable staff
  • Ensure strict supervision of the works
  • Use of protective material when the job requires it, such as gloves, harnesses, helmets, masks, etc.
  • Much discretion and education when carrying out the work. Cleaning staff should be inconspicuous and not distract from the regular activities of people in the workplace.

How to start your business?

As we have always said, the first step to starting your company is planning and this includes defining many aspects related to “what” you want to do and “how” you will do it. Next you must prepare a budget and a sales strategy. If you don’t know how to start, here are some tips to make your own business plan.

Other good business ideas:

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