Coffee Kiosk, a Profitable Business

What meaning does the word Coffee have for you?

a) Exquisite drink.
b) Revitalizing.
c) Profitable business.

For me, all three answers could be correct. And it is no wonder because coffee and its more than 50 combinations are still by far the favorite drink to enjoy the afternoons or simply find that extra energy to complete the workday.

Thinking of small profitable businesses, today we will talk about coffee kiosks.

Whether cappuccino, espresso, latte or American, coffee remains a popular, social drink par excellence, and the opportunity to market it remains attractive to large and small investors.

As everything deal, the No.1 rule for success is still passion and good taste for what you do. So if you are one of those lovers of good coffee this could be the ideal business for you, and these are some key points to consider for set up your own coffee kiosk.

The key to this business lies in the taste.
Selecting a good brand of coffee with different flavor and price variants is the best strategy to keep your customers coming back and staying.

The coffee enters through the eyes, is exotic, passes through the smell and ends up tasted on the palate.”

– Jacobo Mazariegos (Coffee grower)

Take a professional barista course.

A barista is an expert in the preparation of coffee, milk and liquor blends. If you are going to attend your kiosk personally or assisted by an employee, it is convenient that they take a course to professionalize themselves in the art of coffee preparation.

So much relevance has this profitable business Today you can find courses of this kind in cooking schools, coffee associations and even universities. The price of the courses ranges from $ 25 to $ 80 dollars.

Location is key to business success.
The careful selection of the area and location to choose for the assembly of your coffee kiosk It’s fundamental. The more traffic of people circulating and the greater visibility you have, the better since the aroma of the coffee invites you to taste. Executive buildings, business centers and airports are some of the most recommended places for this class of business.

It does not necessarily have to be a formal venue. You can start with a small space or even with a mobile cart. However, you should always consider the cost of rent in your budget. These are some tips to choose the right place for your business.

Although these may vary depending on the country and the quality of the product, a kilo of coffee has a cost between $ 12 and $ 15 (US dollars), and from it 100 to 130 cups are obtained. So each served serving of coffee costs approx. $ 0.15, to this we must add milk, flavorings, sugar and disposables. In total, a cup of coffee served to go has an approximate cost of $ 0.30, and you can sell it for up to $ 2.5.

Other complementary products.
Within your sales strategy, you should consider the inclusion of other products with which the consumer likes to accompany a good coffee, such as: cakes, cookies, thermal accessories and packages of ground coffee.

Investment in equipment.
In the market there are a variety of coffee makers and equipment and these are some of the reference prices from the basic to the most sophisticated.

Espresso and cappuccino coffee maker
Marca: Oster
Mod: OEMP50
Price: in the market around us $ 150

Espresso and cappuccino machine
Brand: Nouva Simonelli
Model: Oscar
Price: US $ 1,400

Espresso and cappuccino machine
Brand: Nouva Simonelli
Model: Appia S
Price: US $ 3,250

Coffee grinder
Brand: Nouva Simonelli
Model: MDX
Price: US $ 890

As a final fact about this profitable business, You will be interested to know that Starbucks, the huge and successful coffee franchise began selling small cups of coffee for 2 dollars in 1985 and its growth has been such that today they have more than 6000 stores in different cities of the world and employ more than 62,000 workers.

The key to your success, just like your kiosk resides in selecting the best quality coffee for your customers.

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