Comfort: Enemy of Successful Business

Comfort: Enemy of Successful Business

There are many businesses that, having everything they need for success, succumb to failure. [post actualizado]

The first reaction is to look for a thousand external explanations to justify the cause of not having managed to survive the hostile commercial environment. What if the crisis, what if prices, that there is too much competition, well …

However, it is a proven fact that the main cause and enemy No. 1 of successful businesses it is the comfort of those who run them.

Today, in addition to diagnosing this dangerous “disease” I will try to offer you a treatment to combat it and immunize ourselves in order to build healthier companies.

A business principle suggests that every business is the inescapable reflection of those who run it. [twitéalo]

If your owners are enthusiastic, persevering and disciplined, your collaborators and employees will be too.

On the other hand, if the management of a company and its middle managers tend to be careless, conformist and not very aggressive, surely said company has secured a place on the pedestal of mediocrity.

Justifying failures is just one more sign of comfort that we often do not realize.

Some symptoms of business comfort

  • You wake up late and show up late to your business
  • You spend too much time on irrelevant activities
  • You spend very little time planning
  • You don’t sell and expect your sellers to
  • You always have a “proper” justification for your poor results
  • You invest little effort in creating strategies that improve your income
  • You haven’t read a single business book in the last 6 months
  • You spend a lot, you sell little
  • You feel unmotivated and are considering changing your business
  • Your employees are unmotivated
  • The treatment of your clients is poor and leaves much to be desired
  • You close your business before the competition

As you can see, these are just some of the most obvious symptoms that can be seen in entrepreneurs who have fallen into comfort. Many times, comfort is thinking that things have a course that cannot be changed.

The treatment for comfort in business

Of course, like medical treatments, which require injections or syrups that most of the time are not pleasant to the palate, combat convenience in business It requires perseverance and a lot of effort since it is an evil that weakens and traps the structures of companies. So beating her is a great challenge.

Get started today and take your business to new levels:

  • Propose yourself to work 5 more hours a week
  • Open your business before your competitors and close later than them
  • Make sure you have exceptional customer service
  • Read at least 3 business books a year
  • Buy yourself a sales course and share it with your collaborators
  • Attend a motivational seminar
  • Review your costs and be more conservative
  • Be the best salesperson in your company
  • Motivate and reward employees with the best attitude
  • Convince yourself that the crisis is really an opportunity
  • Always speak positive things about your business

With these simple tips, I am sure that you will soon begin to see better results and your pocket will be the best witness of it. Let’s just say NO to comfort, laziness, and vague justifications.

A business is the result of great effort, perseverance and is built based on the greatness of its owners.

I wish you a great week of success.

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