Do not let anyone to steal your dreams!

Do not let anyone to steal your dreams!

A company is the fruit of the efforts of entrepreneurs who do not give up, who do not give up and who are not willing to allow anything or anyone to steal their dreams of freedom!

A worthwhile story
This morning I had the opportunity to see and hear Steve Jobs’ speech at the Stanford University graduation ceremony again. I’ve seen it before, but usually when something is so good that it’s worth it, I have no qualms about listening to it or reading it two, three, or as many times as necessary.

Steve Jobs He is one of those characters that I admire not for his ability to generate wealth (only) but for his personality and the deep wisdom that emanates from his words.

In his speech, Steve recalls how in the beginning he founded the Apple company in his home garage and two years later the company had 50 employees and was worth $ 200 million.
But that’s not the impressive thing.

Did you know that Steve was fired in 1985 from his own company by the board of directors?
If you can figure out what this means, it will be difficult for you to get out of amazement as it happened to me. As you read it, Steve Jobs was removed from the company because some of the directors said that “his ideas were dangerous to the company“And they took it out!

Entrepreneurs often have to experiment obstacles that can steal our dream. From effortlessly saving capital to start the business, convincing our loved ones to believe in us, creating a workable business plan, deciding to take risks, and even finding the right moment to leave our jobs.

Dreaming of a business represents overcoming a thousand difficulties in order to shape the project. People tend to be specialists in negative phrases such as: “it won’t work”, “someone else already tried and couldn’t”, “that business has no future”, “you’re going to lose your money”, “you’ve never been able to do something right” , “you have no experience”, “the crisis is very strong”, etc.

But if you look closely, these phrases almost always come from people who in fact have never succeeded because perhaps they have not even tried.

But this article is intended to convey the opposite message to you and encourage you to believe and keep dreaming that you can achieve it. Giving up is very easy. Not trying is also too easy. But dreaming big and not letting anyone steal that dream from you is a real challenge.

The Steve Jobs story has an ending that I love. Steve did leave Apple and although it seemed that he had “Stolen“One of his greatest treasures that he himself had created, did not decline or give up. It is said that Steve, with more experience, formed two companies that transformed the history of technology and one of them is Pixar, Disney’s cartoon company and NeXT.

And not only that, his success and his invincible entrepreneurial spirit led him to create products that have impacted the technology market: creator of the iPOD, the iPHONE, the iMAC computer, iTunes and a series of other products whose enormous success we all know.

Undoubtedly, Steve did not let his dream be stolen and today he is one of the most recognized leaders and businessmen, even as the eternal rival of Bill Gates in terms of creativity and business genius..

Do you have a project in mind? It doesn’t matter if it will take 6 months or 6 years to achieve it, keep trying, keep believing, keep learning and don’t let anyone! I stole your dream

“All men dream but not all do it in the same way. Those who dream at night wake up during the day to realize that it was all vanity.

Daydreams are dangerous as they execute their dreams with their eyes open. To make them possible. “

Lawrence de Arabia

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