Do you have a camera? Discover How To Make Money Taking Photographs

Today everyone has a camera on their cell phone, which is equivalent to a powerful tool to generate income.

Most have cameras of such good quality that they provide amateur photographers with the necessary tools to capture incredible images.

Even professionals recognize that this is almost always enough to get a good shot as long as you know the basics of photography; namely lighting, focus, a good angle and others.

For this reason, the number of people who discover that they can earn money with your camera, as long as they are willing to learn, professionalize and of course do the work of making wonderful and very creative captures.

Photography is the type of business that can be started with a medium investment, and that fundamentally depends on your skill and technique.

Until recently, the common alternative to making money taking photos was offering the service of recording memorable moments at anniversary parties, weddings, dances and other family events, in addition to a few coverage of corporate events.

Currently, there are excellent options to earn money taking advantage of your camera since most of them you can start as a freelance photographer. Which eliminates the need for a large business infrastructure to get started.

The result is a list of alternatives that can be implemented by any professional or amateur person in a short time and the vast majority of them, with an infinitely smaller investment compared to other options of traditional businesses.

7 Ideas How To Make Money With Photography

These are some profitable ideas for those who want earn money taking pictures. Learn about them below and choose the best option for you, in relation to your budget and availability.

1. Stock of digital photos

An excellent and super profitable idea is to transform into a fStock surveyorsThat is, create a large collection of photos of the highest quality, creativity and wrapped art, to sell them on photo marketplaces such as Fotolia, Shutterstock and Bigstock, just to list a few.

The thing works in the following way: these websites place your photos in their portfolio and each sale made will generate a commission for you, and another commission for their website. That simple Without having to administer the web, control payments or anything.

The business concept is very interesting because they sell thousands of photos daily to designers, advertisers, people who make websites, etc. And if your photos are so attractive that they sell then you earn commissions for each photo downloaded.

That of course does not mean that all your photos generate commission, hence the more and better photos you upload, the more income you will generate.

Here you can see a complete list of 37 places that buy photos on the Internet.

There are people who easily generate two thousand or even three thousand dollars a month with this system.

2. Traditional model of photo service

It does not mean that because there are other ways to earn money with photographs today, the traditional way of professional photographer service can be put aside as a business option.

Not at all! This is still a great undertaking, mainly because with the resources and facilities of today it is the type of business that can be started from the comfort of home.

The problem with this segment is that it is usually saturated, mainly due to the variety of resources offered by digital technology. It is the type of segment in which some professionals have already signed, which means greater competition and costs to obtain clients.

Even so, part of the great secret is to become professional and achieve a high quality portfolio that not only quotes you better in the market but is your best cover letter to get new clients.

3. Baby photography

Fueled by the success of Australian baby photographer Anne Gueddes, this is a very promising segment for anyone who wants to generate income by taking photos in a particular niche.

What mother or father does not want to see the funniest moments of their children recorded forever in creative and often humorous photos? It is guaranteed success.

The investment in this type of business, in addition to the preparation and its technique, are the accessories to mount the various scenarios that adorn the babies. They are not that expensive, and with a good dose of imagination, you can buy these accessories and differentiate yourself from some professionals who are already active in this area.

In this case, it is essential that you have a website or a good presence on the web.

4. Pet photography

This is another segment that has been gaining a good boost in several countries and if you want to know how to make your photography business profitable and you like animals, which is a basic condition to enter this sector, this may be a good one business option for you.

The pattern is somewhat similar to the baby photos. Every owner of a puppy, cat and other pets loves to have a good photo book of their little companions.

The initial investment in that business It consists of taking a digital course or acquiring a good book on photographic technique.

It is not such a high investment and as in the previous example, in addition to good photographic equipment, you should also buy some accessory objects to set up the scene for the photography of pets. That is another business idea that we can say has no chance of failing.

5. Creation of a website or blog about photography

That is another good idea for anyone who wants to earn money with photography. You can create a blog on photography topics and earn great money with affiliate programs and other forms of monetization.

People, both photography enthusiasts and curious in general, adore this type of blog and that shows a good opportunity to make money from it.

The fastest way to monetize your blog is through Google AdSense, a Google affiliate program where you earn for clicks on ads. You can also advertise products such as cameras and other equipment. In that case, you will earn a percentage on sales.

6. Photos for trade

One more suggestion for anyone looking to start a business as photographers is to set up a commercial photography service. This is a sector that has been growing a lot and virtual store administrators claim a lot from the lack of professionals for the provision of this type of specialized service.

Photos in e-commerce play a key factor in the success of a business, and therefore, virtual store managers are increasingly concerned with that detail in their stores.

Setting up such a service is one good business idea and the disclosure can be made on specialized websites. As the sector is in high demand, this is an excellent opportunity.

7. Sell your photos on Instagram

Instagram is undoubtedly the social network that attracts the attention of many brands and this makes it a very attractive option to generate income.

If you are good at taking photos and you focus on a specific theme or stand out in certain kinds of photographs that are of interest to the big brands, then you have a huge opportunity to earn good money in your hands. Would you like to take advantage of your Instagram account?

8. Photographic services with Drones

Another great idea for those who want to venture into this profitable business of photography is to embark on the fashion of drones and offer photography and aerial filming services with these devices.

It is a rapidly growing market everywhere, as companies discover the potential of this new technology.

In that case, the investment is significantly higher, since in addition to the photographic equipment you will also have to invest in the drone, but the good news is that the price of the devices is falling a lot and the market is practically virgin.

Note that many of the options to earn money in the photography segment can be implemented at the same time, which will further strengthen your catalog and business options.

These are just a few preliminary ideas for start your own business as a freelance photographer.

Do you have another suggestion? Leave us a comment and stay updated on this and other business ideas.

Original: Web Entrepreneurs, adapted and translated by 1000 business ideas.

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