Drones For Commercial Use, A Business Where Everyone Wants To Be

Drones For Commercial Use, A Business Where Everyone Wants To Be

It is very possible that the next technological revolution is at the door and it has to do with the implementation of drones for commercial use.

For those less familiar with the term let me tell you that drones are nothing more than those oddly shaped little flying artifacts with multiple propellers that can fly unmanned and remotely controlled.

Quite similar to the small remote-controlled helicopters we once enjoyed with our children except that they can travel long distances and are equipped with cameras, sensors, and a number of components that make them highly sophisticated.

Similar to other stories of technological development, drones have so far been used solely for military purposes such as surveillance, counter-terrorism or territory inspection. However, the results have been so fantastic that recent news confirms that tech giants are already eager to put them to commercial use.

And it is not for less because these unmanned aircrafts have enormous advantages, the main ones being their low cost of operation and their versatility to mobilize, which is ideal for an infinity of commercial objectives.

Ironically, another of its great strengths consists of not depending on human intervention for its operation, which translates into less space, less weight and a great reduction in oxygen costs and protection mechanisms that humans need to fly.

Another of the qualities of drones is their ability to fly at heights above 20,000 km above the stratosphere, thus allowing them to effectively carry out any exploration of atmospheric phenomena.

It is expected that they can be used in many applications such as food and medicine delivery, package transfers, fire prevention, geographical photography in inaccessible areas and even as WiFi points.

They can also be used in humanitarian aid operations in disaster areas and in other endless applications.

Tech Leaders Bet on Drones for Commercial Use

Just a few weeks ago, both Google and Facebook made their strategic commitment tangible by formally announcing their investment projects to open divisions specialized in the manufacture of solar-powered drones that would have the ability to keep running in the air uninterruptedly for months.

According to CNN Expansión, Facebook recently acquired the drone manufacturer Ascenta (United Kingdom), while Google made a significant investment in Titan Aerospace (USA) who in 2013 presented their prototype of the Solara drone.

For his part, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon.com announced in December his home parcel delivery project called “Prime Air“which will be operated thanks to these incredible gadgets and whose objective in a few years is to be able to deliver any order that people make in their store in a period of no more than 30 minutes.

It is estimated that by 2015, the FAA (Federal Aviation Association) that regulates airspaces in that country will have integrated the rules for commercial use of drones in the USA, while in other countries they have been used for a long time without major limitations by civil authorities.

According to some experts, until now no one knows exactly how all this technology will be implemented as it requires many regulations at the global level. However, whether by strategy or development, drones for commercial use They represent a lucrative business where everyone wants to be. Or it could be said, where we all want to be.

This is the video where Amazon already announces its Prime Air service. Awesome!


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