Easy to Start Business: Giant Advertising Balloons

We have always known. If there is a high paying business segment in this world it is advertising.

And if you add a good dose of ingenuity to this, you will surely have an inexhaustible source of wealth in your hands.

Today I will present you a simple and easy business idea to start that few have dared to exploit properly and it is about advertising in giant balloons and advertising inflatables (also called hot air balloons or advertising inflatables).

The basic business idea is to provide companies with a solution to promote their products or services either at fairs or exhibitions, or in their own stores in an impressive and attractive way, easily attracting the attention of customers to their brands.

Inflatable figures or giant advertising balloons are very striking due to their size as they are visible from different parts of the area where they are located.

Of course, part of the secret has to do with the varied and creative designs that are attractive and that achieve the objective of attracting the customer’s eye.

There is a diversity of models and mechanisms of operation.

Usually these balloons can be inflated with a simple turbine powered by an electric motor, similar to those used in children’s castles.

Or they can be hermetic figures and inflated with pressurized air, or with light and inert gas such as Helium so that they are suspended in the air so that they can be seen from afar.

They can be fixed to a terrace or metal structure and even the most sophisticated zeppelin types can be controlled by remote control to circulate around the perimeter of a certain area which makes them extremely attractive.

The Market For Advertising Balloons

Imagine all the customers who might be interested in promoting your brand through inflatables and the possibilities that could be offered to toy stores, children’s clothing, automobiles, electronics or even professional services such as dentists to mention just a few examples.

You can also target non-commercial clients who only want to promote their local events such as parties, weddings, churches and all kinds of family events.

Of course, the investment does not have to be so great because you can start with a few inflatable balloons that will be manufactured by the people who work with latex, tarps or waterproofed polyester and thus begin to offer the service to your first customers.

Business modalities

Balloon rental

It consists of renting the giant balloon per day or per event (which could be several days) and whose service includes the installation, operation and removal of the entire equipment and device, everything being under your control.

Under this model you must consider costs such as the transfer and removal of the inflatable. Operator payment. Helium and electricity and any other expenses that may arise.

Sale of balloons

For those who are interested, you could sell them the product that includes from the design and manufacture of the personalized inflatable with their brand to a small induction of use and storage. This of course includes the turbine or inflation mechanism that is used and its accessories to store it.


As you can see, this entrepreneurial idea represents a very attractive option that many business owners will see profitable and favorably.

Especially because it is a low-cost advertising alternative, very versatile and at the same time quite effective.

So get to work and may creativity be with you!

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